Monday, June 23, 2008

Paying a tithe

Thanks to those who responded to the call to ask me questions. As promised, I shall answer; I'm not sure how well, but here we go. A glimpse into my inner psyche...

Question No. 1 - from my youngest sister Mallory, aka onlychild09...

If you had to lose one of your fingers which one would you lose and why?

Dear Mallory,

What a strange question; probably one I would have asked given the same opportunity. I’ve thought a lot about your question since you heeded the call on Friday. I wondered how on earth I was going to respond. A miracle happened though. Like bloody footprints in snow, allowing not-very-good trackers to hunt their prey, my fingers have left a true story on my keyboard. A handful of the keys are decidedly more used than the others (Dear “z”; do you feel neglected?) and I set out to recreate my steps.

A simple type test was conducted. I narrowed down the field of less-used fingers. The answer is most decidedly NOT my middle or pointer fingers. (Besides, anyone who’s seen how long and crooked my birds are would never agree to letting me give those babies up!) My left thumb is much more dominant on the space bar than my right. In fact, I’m testing now to see if the right thumb ever spaces—it does not. The right pointer does all the work. But considering it is our thumbs that set us apart from the animals, it shall not be one of my thumbs that gets voted off the hand. Ring fingers also have their typing ability—and they’re very useful while braiding.

This leaves the pinkies. Oh poor pinkies. I shall test you now:

[As I’m recreating what’s happening, I want to make sure I’m never using my right pinky. Do I use my right pinky? My left?]

A-ha! Neither are majorly useful; but each has its duty. Left pinky [shifts] and right pinky [enters]. Shifting is more important than entering, so a decision is made.

Right pinky is out. Sorry lil buddy. We had a good run.

Thanks for the question Mal!

Your now nine-fingered sister,

**Most used keys? T, R, E, Space, Y, O, A. Maybe Wheel of Fortune should do an update to RSTLNE. I'm just sayin'.


Becki said...

But, just think, if you were to lose your left pinky instead and then start using the shift key on the right side of the keyboard you could keep the ability to shift and enter.

Nat Attack said...

Becki--that's wicked smart. And I didn't take into account the hand-shaking creep factor either.

I'll have to update this post. Thanks for the genius insight!!!

Alaina said...

That's hilarious Becki put that much thought into it.

You, yet again, crack me up.

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