Sunday, June 08, 2008

Losing my cool...

This was started as another "100 Things about Nat" but split duties with getting-to-know you facts and a brain dump. And I didn't quite make it to a hundred.

1. If people don't know or forget my name, 99 out of a 100 times, they'll call me Lindsey.
2. I order off a kids menu any time I can.
3. I own a queen bed but always sleep on the outside edge straight up and down. I do just fine on a cot.
4. Last year I went without an AC unit in my room. I owned one, just never got around to putting it up. I considered myself a warrior.
5. Now that Dad (on his trip out here last week) installed my unit, I realize I was just an idiot.
6. I don't care what the extra electricity charges will be this summer, I'll gladly pay them to ward off the humidity.
7. I'm always surprised by humidity--it must be my growing up in Phoenix, but the first few humid days of the summer I'll find myself having an "a-ha!" moment.
8. I thought The Dark Knight opened this month. How sad to just realize it doesn't open until July 18
9. I spent five hours yesterday cleaning up and gutting out the non-clothes-related areas of my room. I was beyond overwhelmed to start but am pleased with the end results.
10. If I ever get married, I have some pretty sweet gadgets to bring to the table.
11. My office kitchen is so fully stocked at work that I eat both breakfast and lunch there. My grocery money is in surplus.
12. Too bad it's going to pay for gas.
13. I might drive a Ford Focus sedan, but man do I love that car. Especially since my dad went to work on the interior; you should see that thing shine!
14. I have a nasty habit of going through the motions of laundry, only to leave it sitting in the dryer as I've moved on to other things.
15. When I curl-curl my hair, I always start from the bottom and work to the top, using a claw to hold back the still straight hair.
16. I have always done make-up before hair. (Alaina does it the other way around; I think its how we survived sharing a hair dryer growing up.)
17. Oh how I wish I had carpet in my bedroom; hard-wood is shiny (sometimes) and looks nice (sometimes), but nothing screams bedroom! to me like a nice plush carpet.
18. There are a few things ingrained in my being that are borne from being a Westerner--carpet in bedrooms being one, owning a car the other key must.
19. I'm PMing (project managing) two really exciting site redesigns at work; I can't really discuss what they are in the blogosphere due to non-disclosure acts, but trust me when I say they're big and exciting.
20. I worked a lot last week; and I didn't really mind it. My social life is on a bit of a hold for awhile while I get my career life under control.
21. If you aren't using brushes for your eye makeup, start. Target makes some really nice generic brushes ($2) that will change the look and feel of your shadows. If you can't afford pricier makeup, start here; you'll be impressed.
22. My hair might be the longest it's ever been. If you met me after 2005, I bet you didn't know that I had short hair my entire life.
23. I have a long face and an even longer neck; when my hair hits shoulder length, it's already a foot long. I imagine a strand of my lower-back-length hair is approximately 8 ft. long.
24. I've been spending so much time at work (and actually working while I'm at work) that I have no desire to fire up my laptop when I get home. This is why I've been a bad blog commenter. I'm sorry.
25. Today is my half birthday. Now I'm on the downhill to 26. This makes me a teensy bit nervous; only because 26 sounds so old and I still feel like I should be 19.
26. At 19, if I could have seen where my life would be at 25, I think I'd be proud. And excited.
27. Both my parents are left-handed. All four of us girls are righties. For some reason, this is a statistic I mark in my head as beyond explanation.
28. Each week, a Rolling Stone or ESPN Magazine comes in the mail. It's always one or the other, but never both.
29. I think you'd be quite surprised how much I know about the NBA and other sports in general. I can definitely out-geek anyone I know.
30. Case in point? Last night I watched the half-time show and the entire second half of a game I already attended. I like hearing the commentary.
31. I own four curling irons (2", 1", 1/2", 1" without a clamp), and three sets of curlers (velvet, spiked, sponge). These are not the cool gadgets included in my dowry.
32. Lately, when I get dressed in the morning for my VIP job, I try to piece an outfit together that looks like it could be in a magazine. Shoe selection keeps me from a 100% success rate.
33. Did you know I'm not allowed to buy cotton? This is a rule I self-imposed six months ago, and I've stuck to it.
34. I own four board games. Connect Four, In a Pickle, Cranium Pop Culture, and a PG13 game given as a birthday present (living under the bed) that I can't quite get rid of.
35. So You Think You Can Dance is back on, and I couldn't be happier. I'm also happy with the number of people I know who watch (including the other gal at my office).
36. I like watching TV alone.
37. But I love recapping with other viewers (or reading commentaries) after the show.
38. I don't think I'm as interesting as I used to be; this list is taking me a long time to write.
39. I found the notes/outline I used to give a talk in February 07 yesterday while I was cleaning out my room. One of the quotes set the stage for a great Sunday service today; huzzah. (Someone I met at a party last month referenced this talk I gave oh so long ago. Holy memory!)
40. I've worn some super tall shoes to social and church events lately. If I'm going to be tall, I might as well go big or go home, right?
41. I hate feather pillows. My mom knows this and makes sure to put out different pillows when I come home. I love that.
42. I'm the worst Brick Breaker player in the world. I was obsessed for about a week and then realized how terrible I was and moved on with my life.
43. Friday was National Donut Day. I didn't have a donut.
44. Does spending your economic stimulus package make you more patriotic?
45. One of my favorite summer fashions is tank tops with a scarf. Too bad I don't wear tanktops.
46. I have a friend who is trying to invest capital in my opening a bakery. Doesn't he know I'm a two-trick pony? And that I hate butter? I don't think bakery-owners are allowed to hate butter.
47. A gal in RS today told about how her family all have their cell phones set to alarm at 9PM; that alarm lets know you that someone loves you and is thinking about you. I think that's a really cute idea.
48. Fresh pineapple is one of my weaknesses.
49. Along the fruit vein, I passed another rite of adult woman passage a few weeks ago--I picked a good watermelon.
50. I've taken hundreds of photos since I've lived in Boston; I have yet to print a single one. The photos hanging on my walls are from a different era; it's both nostalgic and timely to start rotating them out.
51. Since our trip to Ireland, I am obsessed with Coke Zero. The only place I've found it on tap is a movie theater in Oregon.
52. I packed my winter coats away away for the first time in my life.
53. Remember how I had red hair once? Sigh. Sometimes I miss it; but I almost have my old hair back! It's been a process...
54. I hate the zoo. Reasons abound.
55. There are a few certain songs I hear that always, and I repeat always, make me think of a particular person. "I Want to Live" - Alicia. "Listen to Your Heart" - Kendall. "Have a Little Faith" - Melissa.
56. Today, for the first time in conscious thought, I have truly conflicted outlook for the immediate future. This isn't to say that one pole is good and the other is bad; I'm just conflicted.
57. I have officially given up. I will be a nail-peeler for life. I'm dealing with it.
58. I don't get "lost for words" frustrated very often; I hate when I do. It doesn't happen often enough for me to have a formulated game plan.
59. I love people with follow-through. Someone who says "we should go to dinner" or "are you in town this week?" at church on Sunday and means what they say? Holy awesome. I like to think I'm that kind of person with follow-through; this is why I try to mean what I say.
60. It will never be easy for me to meet people--I have to force myself to be chatty. I practice with clerks at stores or check-out stands. Somehow it's easier to small talk with these people.
61. I love being alone.
62. I love talking shop with people in my line of work. Lucky for me, this covers both the technology and marketing/media world.
63. On a particularly grueling day last week, our Art Director told me via IM that he didn't envy my job. He also told me I was doing a good job; which was well timed. Starting a new job always has a learning curve; I was nervous I was behind it.
64. Is sixty-four enough bullet points? Can I end it here? Surely I've got a few more in me. But I've been thinking this since thirty-seven.
65. I'm officially closing the poll at 65. Mostly because I got an offer for a social event (after some persistent pushing to get me off the fence, thanks Lauren!) and need to bake.
66. I bake for social events so I have something to do with my hands.


trentathon said...

#8: Me too! :(
#25: The marathon age should be aspired after
#31: haha
#40: right
#48 Fresh pineapple is hands down my favorite fruit.

Alaina said...

Oh I can't decide which one to comment on, but you kept me chuckling the whole time.

I think being a "two trick pony" made me laugh the most.

I'd've been proud of you at 25 too. The 15 year-old me sharing a hair dryer with you could never imagine we'd end up here. Better than EVER.

I started my 201-300 list today, so by the time I hit 300 blogs (like, six month from now) I'll be ready to go.

JK said...

Air conditioning is the most important thing in my life.

Linda said...

you make so much sense! I love it! I'd like a future posting on how enjoying a fruit leads to weakness.

Whits said...

They used to have coke zero on tap at your target. The last time I had it was a few months ago, but I would think you would know this...but maybe it's been a while since you had a target hot dog?

I remember that talk you gave too. You talked about Natalie Williams, the famous one.

And I'm sad we don't get face to face time anymore. It's weird that life still goes on in Boston while I'm not there. Do you know what I mean?

And I want to know these cool gadgets you'd bring to the table. I think "stuff" wise, I definitely win over Mike. That lucky guy.

And I'll have you know that I put in two emoticons in this comment and then I remembered you despise those so I went back and hit backspace 4 times.

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