Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm even boring myself.

  • Glasses and a braid today. I feel like the dork I left behind in Arizona.
  • Bored as I've never been bored before.
  • Waiting for a co-worker to send me some pieces that need to be cut out for paper-prototype user-testing training we're doing tomorrow. (Say that a few times fast.) Arts and crafts will be keeping me late tonight.
  • Got a new duvet for my bed. Those Target clearance racks will get you every time.
  • Without any Celtics articles to read, the Internet just isn't the same. When is opening game?
  • The tracker ball in my B-berry fell out this weekend prompting a new phone purchase to have a workable phone. Why does dropping money on necessities always feel like a chore, but buying other gadgets (see new flat screen TV) so much fun?
  • I promised myself last night (for the 19th time) that I'd actually be productive in my room. The 19th time was a charm--laundry and the majority of clothing piles put away. Can the streak continue two nights in a row? What do you care, you're just reading my blog.
  • I both dread and love the end of the month at work. It's billing, which is nuts for the project managers, but I also get paid. That's right, I only get paid once a month. I can't tell you how rich I feel at the beginning of every month. If you need money, that's the time to hit me up.
  • I don't mind the rain (and let me tell you; it's rained about every other day this month); but when it threatens to rain the weekend I'm going to the Cape? No thanks.
  • I'm trying to keep the blogging streak alive, but I'm realizing that no blog may be better than this kind of blog.
  • The last four of my bullets started with "I." The chain has officially now been broken.
  • On my shelf in the fridge exist the following items: 12 cubes butter, 3 cubes margarine, one strawberry freezer jam, a brick of cream cheese, and a package of tortillas with pre-shredded cheese zipped up inside. Can you tell I'm a baker and not much else?
  • Keeping the tortillas and cheese in one nifty quesadilla-templated package is the smartest kitchen tip I can pass along.
  • Friends, I think that's all I've got.

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Aaron said...

And here's a comment for you...your blog put a smile on my face. I'll have to check back later when I'm less busy and more bored! :)

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