Sunday, June 29, 2008


Saying "I spent the weekend at the Cape" makes me feel like a VIP (in my fam-i-ly). I certainly had a VIP of a weekend with eight of my girlfriends in a house we rented.

There are loads of photos to come, but it's late Sunday night and I'm both a little crispy and ready for bed. Knowing that tomorrow will be a crazy day at work (simultaneous clients having panic-attacky meltdowns of epic proportions), I wanted to give you a little somethin' somethin' to view until I can give you the full run down.

My twice-baked look happened on this very floating dock about five feet from shore.

Believe it. I willingly swam.

And this was just the pond behind the house. The beach, town, and inside the house life are yet to unfold before your eyes.

Did anyone else have a VIP weekend? What was your favorite part? Can you lyric drop from the song referenced in this post? Immediate VIP status to anyone who can.


kendall said...

"I'm a V.I.P in my family, I'm a V.I.P. you SEEEEE!"

Kylee said...

"..a very important person, a very important person, that's me!"

My weekend wasn't as VIP as yours but I did go to Park City and I sunburned my knees out on a boat at Utah Lake.

sounds like you are having a great summer!

stephanielynn said...

"...and that's a pretty good thing to be!"

I wasn't VIP, but I did get to see my favorite musician, Brandi Carlile, at the Indigo Girls concert. It made my weekend!

ju said...

i kind of look like i'm drowning in that picture...and yet, happy about it. that's what the cape'll do to you i guess.

Alaina said...

They took all my lyric lines. I'll give you VIP status if you track me down that song so I can indoctrinate my Adrie.

I LOVE that first picture of the chair on the dock. What an eye you have.

AND of course you SWIMMING!!! AAAA!

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