Friday, June 20, 2008

First Position of Dance

Sisters are typically in tune. As I was writing my post asking for questions (please! still answer!), I received the following email from my sister Mallory:

Okay since you are the only person that I know that really watches the show I want to utilize this free resource we have (called the internet) to discuss this week's show [So You Think You Can Dance]. You already know how I feel about Mary's sick outfit but lets get on to more important things.
  • Mia was kind of a meanie. I feel like she didn't like any of the girls at all but LOVED the boys. I think her frosty new hair matches her frosty heart.
  • First lets say the two that got voted off were totally right. Man Suzy sucked. Lets get this out right now but I love Kharington and Twitch! They are by far my favorite. Twitch can dance! He does everything so well and K is just so energetic I just want to be her friend. Their waltz was beautiful and I will admit I did cry just a little bit.
  • I have a baby crush on Gev. I think he is so goofy. Their lyrical dance was lovely but then again I always love a good lyrical. I loved Gev's partner's hair (I think her name is Cortney?) She looked so natural and it was beautiful.
  • I am not a big fan of Katee (the asian girl). Ever since tryouts she bothers me a little bit but I will admit their broadway dance was awesome.
That's all I can remember right now. I would love to read what you thought.


IT made me SO SO SO happy to get! Woot! You're one of the only ones I know who love it as much as I do. I'm so happy you want to discuss it! What I'd suggest you do on Thursday mornings (after watching on Weds nights) is to read the recap on the Entertainment Weekly page. It's always super funny and pretty spot on. I always like to hear what other viewers thought about it too.

Here are the commentaries from this week:

Weds (dance) night : "Highs and Lows"
Thurs (results) night : "A Judging Mis-Step"

There are a few couples I like quite a bit. I really like Joshua and Katie but know exactly what you're saying about being on the fence with her (after auditions). She's just so happy when she dances though and it shows in her face. It'll be interesting to see them do a ballroom/latin based number when Joshua has to be a real partner.

I like Twitch (a lot!) and Kherrington. I just don't love that the judges seem to be obsessed with them and are trying to push that on the viewers. They dance lovely, but I think the producers are trying to keep them in as long as possible. Something about her grates me a little bit; I need to get over it though because she's a beautiful dancer.

I really like the tall Matt kid (with the tall blonde dance partner). I think he's hot, and he really came alive in that foxtrot--he had fun personality! I think his partner is heavy on her feet. No chance he'll win it, but I still think he's cute. I feel bad for that boy who danced krump; Nigel was an idiot to him. PS - I don't EVER want to see Nigel grab his crotch on TV. Ever. Is it me or does he get creepier and creepier every season?

The lyrical with your bf Gev was a good one; I like those two together. I think it's so cute he has that crush on Kortni. (And WHY do dancers have to have the worst spelled names? Blach!) I didn't agree with the judges that they had little chemistry; I thought it was smokin! Everyone else was meh -- you're right about Suzy getting the boot; I'm still not sure why she was in the top 20. Your assesment of the judges was all spot on as well.

I guess that's it for now. I LOVE this show.


Shauna said...

i will tell you why kharington (or however she spells her name)bugs me-she thinks shes the hottest. And she thinks shes the hottest because the judges are constantly talking about how great her face is, and how pretty she is and im sure shes gotten it her whole life. And yes shes talented, but the focus i think is on her beauty and she loves the focus being there.

I really like Chelsea and Mark. Except i absolutely was grossed out when they zoomed in on her pinky toe peeking out of those heels. SO GROSS. it looked like a nugget.

Whits said...

So here's my deal with SYTYCD.

I love watching the dancing. I can't stand the host or any of the judges.

SO true about Mia being in love with all the guys and always chastizing the girls. What's the deal. And whoever it is (Mary?) that shrieks with every comment -- I immediately FF on my DVR so I dont have to listen to her.

I also can't stand the host whatever her name is. It's just all so...cheezy. Can't they get better producers? A better host? Seriously.

But alas, I still watch it. It just takes me 70% less time since I"m pretty much fast forwarding the whole show just so I can see the dancing.

I kind of feel like I lose IQ points after watching a show. Is that harsh?

Nat Attack said...

SAD Whitney. I love Cat Deeley the host. I think she's a really good host--keeps things on track and seems to care about the dancers.

Isn't it funny how everything is so subjective?

onlychild09 said...

Oh sister love.

SYTYCD=my favorite

stephanielynn said...

I don't have a favorite yet but I'm hoping to get one soon because it's always more fun that way! I don't love Katee either, but did LOVE Joshua last week. Love, love, love the show.

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