Monday, September 21, 2009


Every time someone utters the word "ick" I share an internal giggle with myself. You see, in the Fall of 2000, my roommates and I found ourselves embroiled in a prank war with an apartment of boys in our ward. Save the time we poured liquid dish washing detergent in their dishwasher, most of the pranks involved food:

* A hair dryer blowing flour into a hallway vent from the lobby
* Watermelons ceremoniously chucked onto the kitchen floor
* Milk, sauerkraut, and eggs poured into the sunny patch underneath a kitchen window (that also served as an entry/exit to the apartment) etc.

You know how it goes. It's probably a miracle the dorms have held up as long as they have! All those newly independent pseudo-adults asserting themselves in ridiculously typical creative ways.

We'd all heard about the brownies you eat that make you pee blue. Everyone knows that prank, right? Well nine years ago it was still fairly new-ish. Knowing enough about how they were made (brownie mix + blue fish tank liquid), Aftin, Leslee* and I trucked ourselves down to the Walmart. To peruse the pet and aquarium supplies for the special sauce to put in our brownies. At 2am. (Because of course we're awake at 2am on a school night. We're free agents! We're adults!)

The elixir wasn't jumping out to us from the shelves. Asking the employees proved fruitless as the night crew's primary language wasn't exactly English. So we took a risk. We bought a blue liquid called "Ick-be-gone" from the fish aisle and smugly took ourselves home.

Needless to say, we ended up with the runs and several calls to Poison Control.

Moral of the story: If you think you're being clever, you're probably not. But your ick is probably gone.

*Hi ladies! Do either of you have photos from this? I know some existed... need to uncover.


Leslee said...

Thanks for the laugh!!! I knew where you were going with this as soon as I saw "Ick". Good times. :) I think I do have some pics, I will do some digging tonight and see what I can come up with! Also - remember the other guys from DT with the pranks? I thought for sure you were going to fall out the window when trying to wash the egg/flour off. Annnnnd... my sister-in-law's niece MARRIED one of those guys. We run into each other on occasion. So weird. :)

Alaina said...

How have I never heard this story! Hahaha! Hilarious!

The Carlson Family said...

That is hilarious!!!! You ate fish medicine, actually. Classic.

I remember Theron doing that to a few people in high school, including Mandy, who thought she was literally dying when her pee turned blue.

Bill and Aftin said...

I love remembering the good old days...and all the fun we had. I don't remember if I have any brownie pictures...but I do sure have a lot of other fun pics from that year! Glad to see your still always having fun and doing adventurous things!

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