Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where I hang my hat

I don't know that I've ever explained my roommate situation. Linda and I were second-tier friends from the time I first arrived in Boston nearly three (wow!) years ago. We bumped up our commitment level one year and twenty days ago when we moved in together and created a home.

Without getting to sappy or ridiculously cheesy, Linda is probably the best roommate I've ever had. (Don't worry, I've told her in real, non-cyber life.) We share so many of the same ideas and upbringing and rarely disagree on things. Believe me, we both have strong opinions, but luckily they're rarely on the same thing; so we each take turns being the thought leader. Our standards for kitchen cleanliness are equal (read: clean) and we're both okay with the way the other person drives (read: more important than you think). She's in charge of getting the mail; I'm in charge of the DVR. We have a pretty great system worked out. Home is a safe place for both of us and we comment with quite some frequency how much we both enjoy being here.

I recognize I have some fun quirks that are probably annoying to everyone (including me) and I realized this last night as we were driving home from the ward campout in New Hampshire at 2:30am. You see, someone's (cough:cough) midnight moonlit canoe ride was sullied by a tip into the lake and a soaking wet torso and trunk. It being 35 degrees outside, the liklihood of sleep was looking grim so we decided to pack it up/pack it in [let me begin] and head home. During the 55-minute ride, Linda had to endure the cheesy music I played, the random signs I decided to read outloud, my damp feet on her dashboard heater and the general running commentary of whatever passed through my mind (no small feat as I'm sure you all know). I recognized I was being kind of ridiculous--and I'll try to blame it on the lateness of the hour and the fact I could.not.get.warm--but let's face it folks, this is just who I am. I had this surge of tenderness for this patient soul beside me and decided I would tell the world about it.

Now I just need testimony meeting to hurry up and roll around becaue boy do I looooooooove my roommate.


Mallory Jan said...

So cute! I love your relationship. I find myself really missing your commentary. I watched Gossip Girl with some girls last week and kept commenting on their hair and clothes (the tv characters) and I don't think anyone really appreciated it. I knew you would have understood.

Nat Attack said...

Mal! I totally forgot to put that in this post. Linda lets me talk during TV! Funny because I'm not much of a fan when other people do it... but I can't seem to stop myself. Oye.

kendall said...

It really is terrible watching tv alone and not being able to talk about everything that's happening. During commercials, of course. May mexico come soon!!

ju said...

Do you not know where you'd be without her? That's what you really need to share in T. Meeting.

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