Friday, September 04, 2009

preparation for socialization

Through a series of invitations, I find myself queued to spend a long weekend at a lakeside cabin in New Hampshire with 48 folks from New York.

Through a series of offers to help, I find myself with a list a mile long of perishable goods to purchase at Costco and transport to the Lake. Solo. Because that's what I'll be. Alone. Sole Boston participant. I'm sure there will be stories to follow.

Are you bored enough to wonder what my list of Costco perishables to purchase contains? Hold on to your hats folks. And remember these are all polygamous-family-sized.

# item
2 Yoplait 18 count/ 6 oz each yogurt
1 Kraft singles cheese
2 potato salad
1 Hebrew National Hot dogs (32 pack)
32 hot dog buns
30 lbs Ground beef
3 3lbs sandwich meat
1 container of cookie dough
1 container of spread butter (country crock)
2 bags of ore ida fries
1 cream cheese
3 Hummus dip
8 tortilla chips
2 boxes of tomatoes (30)
2 sour cream
8 salad in a bag
4 lettuce
50 Hamburger buns
4 cupcake mix
1 canola oil
cupcake liners, pwdrd sugar, cinnamon, cream cheese
1 240 plastic cups
300 paper plates
500 napkins
eating utensils
more snack food
1 pancake mix

Because of my stocked kitchen, I'm also in charge of bringing cupcake tins, my hand mixer, griddle, waffle iron, knives, beach chairs, games, and anything else that may or may not fit into my baby sedan.

So the big discussion was on how much ground beef to buy for fifty people. We're grilling hamburgers one night and then doing taco salad/nachos the next. Complicated math equations were created in response to the elaborate word problem. Weigh in! Will 30lbs be enough? How many pounds will we be short/left over?

Did I mention I'm going on this trip with strangers? Ahhhhhhh. Let the nerves begin.


Jody said...

What on earth? This sounds like a plot for a romantic comedy.

When I buy food for smaller groups (12-20), I tend to over buy. By a lot. The one time I've bought for a larger group (26), I think I nailed it on the head. So, trust your instincts. And have a back up plan just in case. :)

You could always buy the premade patties, then just some ground beef for the next night. That might make it easier to estimate.

Mary B said...

Seriously? How'd you get sucked into such a HUGE job?! Will your car even fit all that stuff?! This is crazy.

I think 30 lbs sounds like A LOT! I'm with Jody on buying the premade patties for the hamburgers and maybe 10 pounds for the taco salad/nachos...?

Plus, I'm sure the other 48 people are going to bring food also, right?! They can't possibly rely on some stranger from BOSTON!

Nat Attack said...

Phew! Finished. Of note, everyone going to the cabin paid $50 for food, so the money I was spending wasn't my own. (Good thing since the bill was $400!) Everything fit in one massively piled high cart; but had to be repacked into two upon leaving.

Kind of a fun, spacial game!

Jody, I'll try to make it a romantic comedy. In fact, I think I shall make a list of Meet Cutes while I'm there; and return and report.

Laura said...

Can't wait for the report...

Jan said...

Open Shut them!
Open Shut them!
Give a little clap!clap!clap!
Open Shut them!
Open Shut them!
Lay them in your lap!

Actually a fingerplay often down in nursery...

loved your blog, esp. your introspection....

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