Tuesday, September 15, 2009

not so heavenly ham

Some would consider waking to the smell of simmering meat celestial. I can firmly attest however, it is most definitely in the terrestrial realm. In your head it sounds all well and good but in practicality just isn't what it's cracked up to be.

By a series of unfortunate events, a crock pot with a pork roast was started in our house at 9PM last night. The roast, marinated and bathing with three lovely onions, slow-cooked throughout the night. Surely its taste is heavenly, but the pungent aroma radiating from it all night was just too much to warrant undisturbed sleep. I woke several times to the meat's all-encompassing aroma; it's powers of attempted seduction created a rather sporadic sleep pattern.

This morning, post-shower, I climbed back into bed and draped my wet hair across my nose to block out the smell. It was just too, too much.

My roommate and I had this conversation today:

1:50 PM Linda: yeah i know, sorry
me: it was cracking me up and grossing me out all at once
1:51 PM Linda: yeah, me too
me: it was SO STRONG
Linda: i woke up gagging actually
i've learned

Has anyone else experienced erratic sleep due to smell? What's the latest/earliest you've ever eaten pulled pork? When you get married do you ever start making wiser decisions?


moe said...

One time my husband tried to salvage some woefully burned chicken that had been torched on the outside but was not cooked all the way through. He put them in the crockpot and left them overnight, figuring the burnt skin would just fall off and we'd eat the cooked chicken later. I woke up in the middle of the night to a smell so putrid it literally hurt. Slow-cooked burnt. Mmmmm.

Becki said...

oh man, I loooove a slow cooked roast. But everything you said is true. Nothing is worse than waking up to the smell of meat.

And I very very strongly recommend from bad experience NEVER cooking a roast overnight while in the first trimester of pregnancy (or even after that.).

Mary said...

May I recommend, instead of feasting on meat smells prior to sleepytime, a smorgasbord of Office watching. Then you'll dream of Jim Halpert helping you with your office work and flirting with you shamelessly, as I did just two nights ago. Waaay more pleasant experience, from the sound of things.

Jan said...

This is how I learned to put the crockpot OUTSIDE on the patio when cooking overnight! (cooking it in the garage in a crockpot still soaked into the house...

Laura said...


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