Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gimme a {mental} break

Before I continue the parade of lurker interviews, I thought I'd drop in a quick brain dump. It's been awhile, and I've got these things skulking around in the crevices of my mind.

  • Getting back on the "eat less, move more" wagon is such a pain. I swear I never crave Good 'n Plenties until I know I can't eat them.
  • At work, we have all kinds of drinks, snacks, cheeses, fruits, chips, etc. My breakfast every morning last week was two Diet Cokes, a stick of colby jack cheese, and a rice krispy treat. Awesomely terrible. (See: getting back on the wagon.)
  • I really want to learn how to make these:

  • I guess I kind of want that outfit above too.
  • Two years ago, we had an Education Conference with Elder Holland, one of the leaders of our Church. This year, Elder Ballard is the keynote speaker. I've invited a few of my friends from New York (met on the Labor Day NH trip!) and I'm looking to the weekend for a host of reasons!
  • I think the bullet above may have the most links in the history of this blog. Another NatA! first!
  • Last December while snowed in in Portland, Mallory and I got kind of addicted to Beyonce's Single Ladies video. If you're interested in seeing a very cute baby bop along to this video, click here. Said video will open in its own screen, and this is cuter than you'd think. I got a kick out of the one leg kick and the shoulder shuffle. How I wish I knew this baby.
  • Who loved the Emmy's this year? Brilliant. Neil Patrick Harris is pretty much my favorite; and he was aces this year. Hardly anyone I wanted to win did, but hey! I've got bigger fish to fry.
  • I cleaned out my three closets this weekend and have a Goodwill pile roughly 4'x2'x3'. I wish someone would come take it off my hands; it's just sitting in a nicely folded pile waiting for you to come pick through it!
  • Crazy happenings at work of late. Some wins, some losses, but I'm feeling pretty good at what I do. Good thing since my life is funded by my career. And unless the cashiers at Target are making more money than they used to, a career change isn't in the near future.
  • Fresca + a splash of cranberry juice = the new best thing ever.
  • I changed the knobs on my closet doors and felt like a real DIY-type person. It doesn't take much. Face plates are next!
  • Also making feel adult-ish? Getting advice on what kind of investment options I have for the savings I'm squirreling away. Hello middle-aged, nice to meet you.
  • I'm quasi obsessed with Jay-Z's latest two songs: "Run This Town" and "Empire State of Mind." I'm infatuated with NYC, so the latter of these songs makes me want to live in the City all over again.
That's all folks. And now back to your regularly scheduled lives.


Carly said...

Ummm... can I come over and go through your goodwill pile? :) You have great style and I'm sure I could find some keepers!

Nat Attack said...

Of COURSE you can. IT's ready and waiting for you; though I'll probably haul it somewhere on Saturday, so the clock is ticking!

Rachel Eve said...

Why don't I live in Boston so I can come go through your pile of clothes?! Of all the luck.

Jan said...

I thought that girl in the outfit WAS you. Isn't it? Could have been...

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