Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1,000 to go

Today, this lil blog hit 99,000 page loads. I've had my eye on the big 100 for quite some time, so it's hard to imagine we're just around the corner. (Of note, if you're the 100,000 page load take a screen capture and send it to me. I shall then send you some kind of fabulous baked good in the mail. I'm being serious.) I hit 50,000 views just over two years ago and this blog is nearly four years old (next month!) so I'm nothing if not consistent.

But what about you dear readers? Google allows me to track some very basic things about you, so some fun facts while you're wasting time here:

  • I have twice as many Utah readers as Massachusetts readers; though my MA readers spend three times as long on the site reading.
  • California is the state with third highest readership which is funny, because I only know three people there. Lurkers! Welcome. Also? I'm jealous of your weather but my irrational disdain for California keeps me from your fair shores.
  • Top Ten Cities of readership: New York City, Salt Lake City, Provo, Tempe, Boston, Cambridge, Midvale, Orem, Lehi, Brookline Village. Welcome ye citizens of foreign nations. (Also, NYC? Seriously? Again with the lurking.)
  • 24% of you are Mac users, 70% Windows, 2% iPod, 1% iPhone, .66% Linux
  • In the last month, the biggest referrers to my blog wereAlicia, Don'tDoDumbThings.com, Melissa, Erica, and my cousin Rachel. Thanks ladies. (Also, sisters? Are you out there?)
  • The winning keywords people searched upon and hit my blog for were 1) Tammy Taylor sunglasses and 2) How do I know if my friends are running a meth lab? This blog is nothing if not diverse.
Mostly, I'm just shocked you're here. Because I was pretty sure my Mom was half my readership, and Oregon doesn't even crack the top six states. Who are you people and what kind of mundane activity are you procrastinating by being here?

As a random question, are you loving or hating the overwhelming owls on my blog now? I half like them, half miss my simple, clean white space. I'm probably harder to browse now at work, too, eh? AND I LOOK LIKE A A MORMON BLOG. Oye. It's okay though. We're all trying something new. What's your vote?

Also, thanks for stopping by. 100,000 by Memorial Day. I can feel it.


ju said...

Like the owls. And I'm pretty sure the .66% Linux users are probably a bunch of hot nerds. They ought to be the ones revealing themselves for baked goods- or maybe a date. I know how you like 'em.

Is it late here? I need to go to bed.

Kendall said...

I LOVE the owls. It was the first thing I thought when I opened your blog. Sorry I'm lacking on the referrals, I just haven't blogged in sooooo long. Cheers and keep the owls!

Brittney said...

I was 100% with you there on the Cali thing until I moved here myself. It's something else. At least where I live. I am a recent convert to the Cali way. Well, the NORTHERN Cali way. Big distinction there, ya know. Love the blog, keep it up.

Breona said...

like owls but sometimes too trendy..They need some sort of twist? maybe not so many or not so colorful? what do I know? Their GREAT. Crazy what info you can pull from people. I used to look at that stuff but forgot how? Keep it up. I'm a Mac and Itouch nat attack blog reader.

stephanielynn said...

I feel good about the owls.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Savin's crib is all owls, so she says she approves although it makes her sleepy.

Jody said...

1) I like the owls.

2) Do your analytics show what browser people use? I open up your blog within my RSS application. Unless I'm commenting, which I have to do in a real browser. So, I'm curious what it says I'm using when I'm viewing through my RSS reader.

3) Speaking of analytics, which service do you use? We use clicky. Love it.

4) Lehi is 9th in viewing locations? Who else in Lehi reads your blog? If it's just me, I must visit more often than I thought. You're witty. It's what keeps bringing me back.

5) Mac!

That is all. Except that the promise of baked goods in the mail will have me refreshing your page all week. I just might bump Lehi into the top 5 cities. :)

Nat Attack said...

I'm in shock about the owls. A 93% approval rating? Wow. (And you're right Bre, it's a LEETLE much, but sadly kind of an "all or none" type thing.)

Jody--I mostly use StatCounter, but that's because they were one of the only free analytics packages around four years ago. Your first page load comes up as "Feeds Syndicators" and then I can see you launch into FF3.6.

Brittney -- like I said, it's irrational, but I think BYU tainted my ideas of California. I also haven't been there in 10 years, so I should work that out.

Marci & Adam Butterfield said...

Nat. love you. bu I must admit I like the simple white background. Owls are too much for me. Def. screams Utah.... but hey that could be a good thing?
I really want to be the 100,000....(when it gets close I may just keep coming back over and over) cause it has been too long since I have anything baked from you.

Laura said...

I thought I had accidentally opened my cousin's wife's all-owl blog at first; surprised to see it was yours! Didn't take you for an owl lover. This says to me you have an inner seamstress/etsy shop owner dying to be born. (Dying to be born? What?)

In sum: I like the owls, but they confuse me, because you are not a mommy-seamstress blogger.

Lastly, I think my viewership shows up as Lehi for some reason. Strange. I don't even live there.

Most lastly, I love you. And your blog.

Team Russi said...

I liked the white space better. I am a fan of the clean lines.

Thanks for providing an opportunity (?) to procrastinate on work. However, duty calls and I must hop to it! Good luck on 100,000. It's as momentous as rolling the odometer in your car.

Jan said...

Sadly, I don't even know what owls are.

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