Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On... (Q1 Edition)

... my biggest winter accomplishment
The race for this one was almost too close to call. Would my record level of sweatfall take the cake? My setting of a hefty savings goal and not only meeting but surpassing it month to month? Close to all mentioned, but the award actually goes to my surviving the winter without buying another coat. I love coats. Love them. Growing up means realizing you already have coats in black, brown, grey, cream, teal, blue and in a variety of lengths. This time of the year is the danger zone though -- as winter wear is making its way through the sale and clearance sections...

... a Super Tuesday workout
Because Zumba (cardio latin jazzercise) has morphed into this phenomenon at the gym we attend, there's a new ticketing system. Tickets (35) are handed out 30-minutes before the class starts and they go fast. Tuesday night is the hour class and it's a hot ticket (tickets were gone in eleven minutes). In order to assure we were in the class, Linda and I went to the gym ridiculously early, so I spent 35 minutes on the bike before the real sweat-a-thon even began. What'd I spend my time reading? Oh yah, still working through the Count of Monte Cristo. I basically did bicep curls while riding. I only wish I could video that class to show you how much fun we have.

... dancing for your life
Four of us made it into last night's Zumba class, and as previously mentioned, the class is incredibly tough, fun, and exhausting. On the last song (our favorite, to Pitbull's "Crazy"), someone in our group challenged us all to "Dance for your life". If you're not a SYTYCD watcher, this allusion is lost on you. If you are, the real life application was hilariously amazing and I couldn't quit laughing.

... sisterly in-tune-ness
This chat started happening the second I finished the ... blurb above.
Love that I'm evangelizing the things I love. I've made FNL converts, maybe it's time to become a Zumba convert? If you attend a gym, see if they have classes. You won't be sorry.

... the best feeling in the world
Watching the Biggest Loser and not feeling guilty for sitting on the couch.

... the Oscars
I attended my first start-to-finish Academy Awards party Sunday night and had a great time. I usually have a hard time finding people who love awards shows as much as I do. In this case, I found someone who loves it more than I do, so this year's grand event was spent dining on movie-themed snacks and going head-to-head in the ballot prediction. I four-way tied for first (gahhh, I knew I should have changed Best Picture to "Hurt Locker" since I voted for it in every.other. category. and then I would have sole claim to the title) and walked away with a very excellent prize--the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2." Someone want to remind me of the year that movie was nominated? It's slipping my mind.
... a hilarious blog you should be reading
You won't be sorry. And these three brothers blog on a regular schedule unlike the rest of the blogging world (::cough:cough::). A new goodie for you every day! The social commentary bits are my favorite, but each writer has a way of telling stories that reminds me I'll never be ready to hit the next level of blog-ability. Don't miss the comments either! Seriously, brilliant. Add it to your reader.
Though Davis (husband of Melissa) is my favorite author over there, my favorite moment of reading goes to his brother Christian's memory post about a somewhat black-sheep family on his block growing up--who somehow found the post and then commented all about it. The world is too, too small of a place and too, too funny to explain. If you're like me, you're looking for good blogs. Run there.

... current obsessions
Cheez-it crackers, ponytails without parts, black cashmere gloves, straight hair, my savings account balance, open/honest/direct communication, video-chatting, printing work emails and marking them up with colored pen, anticipating Spring, wanting to see movies and never following through.


Erica said...

I so wish my YMCA had zumba classes. Hopefully someday! And it must be a good sign if a current obsession is your savings account balance. :)

Team Russi said...

Thanks for the blog link. The post/ comments were hilarious. It's a small world, afterall.

Erica said...

Thanks, nat. It's always good to be reminded that maybe I am living the dream. The dream just involves more spit up than I was expecting. :)

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