Wednesday, March 17, 2010

going back to basics

It's been awhile since the originator originated a brain dump post, yah? Here's what's on my mind in this very moment:
  • My favorite album of all time is the Counting Crows debut "August and Everything After." The most well known song on this album is "Mr. Jones" and funny enough (not consequently enough because I am not a music snob who gets mad when things get popular), it's my least favorite song on the album. Let's just say it doesn't get me the same way Anna Begins does.
  • It rained longer, harder, faster, and stronger this last weekend than I've seen ever in my life. Nonstop driving, pouring rain that immediately soaked anyone without an umbrella.
  • My brand new, first of my life big umbrella survived until the last day. Then a gust of wind coming off the Longfellow Bridge and into the heart of Kendall Square broke two of the spines and I officially shook my fist at the sky.
  • I ran eight miles today at record pace. Lance Armstrong congratulated me when I was done as it was my longest run while using my Nike+. Sigh. They may as well have used Tiger. Not much of a fan of that cheater Lance.
  • After my run I had plans to grab a burrito from Olecito (commonplace on long run nights). I had to do a condensed stretching routine to get over there before they closed and I decided I was actually craving a bowl of frosted mini-wheats. So I'm standing in the grocery store in mostly soaking wet clothes buying milk. My blue bandanna sweat band was the icing on a ridiculous mental image.
  • NOTE TO EVERYONE WITHIN THE SOUND OF MY VOICE: Eating dairy in the hour preceding or receding a run.... don't eat dairy.
  • I spent an irrational number of hours video-chatting on Sunday after church. It was beyond amazing catching up with nearly all of my most favorite people on earth.
  • The weather has broke, it's supposed to be in the 60's here and even warmer in NYC. Guess who's making the voyage again? Huzzah. The parents are staying in Midtown while my dad spends the week working. My heart gets such a thrill every. single. time. I go to NYC. It seriously never gets old for me. Last time I went I had a mustard, teal and stripes wardrobe -- this time it's green, purple, and grey. I've escaped the last few times without photos. No more of that. Stay tuned.
  • American Idol. I feel like I should start a blog just to do a full commentary on each contestant's outfit. Trust me (or ask my roommate Linda), I have plenty to say.
  • With a giftcard given to me by my best lady friends at my birthday, I purchased my first big girl purse. It's a Steve Madden and it's actually grey instead of the black one pictured here. It perfectly satisfies my need to have a messenger strap; so everyone wins!
  • I'm helping develop a Facebook Connect application at work. It's pretty crazy to be one of those people helping facilitate those annoying invitations that gather dust. Don't worry, this is a limited invitation app for a specific school's alum. I can't think of a one of you who fit this demographic. No annoying invitations coming from me.
  • I know some of you readers don't know me in real life. Why aren't we Facebook friends? What's the difference? Cyber is cyber, yah?
  • If we are friends on Facebook, please do not send me invitations or suggestions. I feel disloyal declining them, but not disloyal enough not to ignore them and move on with my very other important social media activities.
  • I took myself to dinner at this really great pub next to our house called The Precinct. I sat at the bar (all alone--apparently the boozing begins after my 8pm dinnertime) reading the Count of Monte Cristo (holy long. will i EVER finish?). The good news is I was just finished paying when I was approached by what had to have been a 40-year-old in all leather. The town's police biker crew (true story) were getting together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. He was friendly enough, but he rides patrol down on the South Shore. Homeboy wouldn't be helping me out of any local violations, so what was the point of getting picked up by a 40-something police biker 40 miles from my house?
  • DID YOU KNOW BILL SIMMONS ANSWERED ONE OF MY QUESTIONS IN AN ESPN CHAT A FEW WEEKS AGO? If you have no idea what this means, don't worry. If you do, please know that my life has been made and I'm one degree of separation from The Sports Guy. And my proxy, you're now only two degrees away.
  • Are we still reading? Probably not. Anyway, this is just the tip of the iceberg of my mental process. Sometimes I think so fast I make myself motion sick. Hot, huh?


Breona said...

I second that feeling for Anna Begins!! never gets old.

Team Russi said...

I take a book along to read with dinner when I travel. A burger at the bar usually sounds good. Isn't it interesting that people always talk to you when you're reading? In theory, reading at the bar should say "I brought my own book so I obviously I already have my time planned". Instead, I think people see it as an opener and just start talking while you're reading. Same thing happens on airplanes... interesting.

Your new purse is tres chic!

Alaina said...

Um, hello, first bullet point is MINE.

colleenita said...

So happy I made the video chat list.

Parryca said...

I somehow thought I was the only one totally in love with "August and Everything After." Glad to hear I'm in good company. And I second your opinion on "Anna Begins" vs. "Mr. Jones." What a great album title. There is a time in my life when August was a defining moment and I always think of this phrase because it so very well fit the situation. So, thanks for this brain dump, Nat Attack!

Nat Attack said...

WHat a great story! I just wracked my brain wishing I had some kind of major life event in August so this story could now become mine too. Sadly, no such luck.

I don't know who you are Parryca, but thanks for dropping in and leaving your 2 cents!

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