Friday, March 05, 2010

pajamas in public

Raise you hand if you're tired of listening to me talk. Aye carumba. There's always something I can wax poetic about, right? I'm tempted to spill about the mental clarity that hit during a restorative yoga class I attended last night but I'd have to shoot my face off first. I'm loving the person I've become in the last year(ish) so no need to take eight giant steps backward by becoming that blogger. Gross.

What I'm trying to get at here is that it's probably time to trot out some photos of what the heck I've been up to lately. February wasn't a month laden with possibilities for gorgeous photos--I blame the New England paste--but the wards hosted a "Pajama Prom" last month that proved to be a perfect (and weird) photo opportunity.

Total flashback to High School. The "prom" was ladies choice, and what choices we had. In true throwback style, we all decided to group date and had breakfast for dinner together before the big dance. Like any good breakfast, more bacon was consumed than waffles. When Vicki's date stood to say the prayer before we ate, I may have snort laughed -- it's not often you see a grown adult (who's not your dad) wearing matching top and bottom pajamas (if your dad is the kind of dad who even wears matching top and bottom jammies).

In an effort to make the whole situation even funnier (and let me tell you, the "modesty reminder" email was as funny as I thought it could get), Linda and I made corsages/boutonnieres for our dates. And for the record, those suckers are hard to pin on no matter your age.

And then? We danced. And it was surprisingly fun. We get down to get down. Happy dancing.
Annnnnnnnnd, guess who lives with the Pajama Prom queen? Does this make me a lady in waiting? Holler.
Now, I kept thinking it couldn't get any funnier. But I love being surprised. What a treat the post-Prom photographer photos turned out to be:

The best (for me) /worst (for everyone else) part? The entire group was posted to the same public album. I (for once) got lucky and my photos weren't too awkward. BUT, oh but, the collection of photos were inadvertently hilarious. Most (like my back to back delight above) were cheesy on purpose; but some photos? Oh wow. I laughed all afternoon. I'm only sorry I can't post them here. No one looked terrible, but they just struck so much joy in my heart.

One month til the dearth of Q1 photos ends. One day (hoping for sooner than later) I'll have photos of me tan... and wearing structured pants in public.

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