Thursday, March 25, 2010

the daily post

Remember that fun month of November when I [and all you guest bloggers] posted every day? Those were some good times. So good in fact, that I'm going to bring it back. This time however, I'm going to use some guidance.

Sometimes, it's easier to write if you have a topic to write about. Since this isn't a mommy blog (Sorry owls, some of my readers were right. You and I don't really belong together), or a fashion blog, or a cooking blog, or a political blog, or a how-to-do-anything-useful blog... I usually have to draw subject matter from whatever is (or isn't!) happening in my life. It gets tricky. Especially 750 entries in.

But check this out--the following list was posted on the blog of one of my very few remaining Boston vets. A quick scan of the list and all kinds of ideas are bubbling to the top of my head. I feel like I've already blogged half the list, but I'll try to rustle up some new content.

Why don't you consider joining me? Most of you who read also blog. The posts don't have to be lengthy--but maybe we'll all get to know each other just a bit better. I'll be starting on the first day of April--so you have a few days to mentally commit.

I hearby declare April: Get to Know Your Neighbor Month.


kendall said...

I'll think about it....sounds kind of fun. And a good way to get me blogging again.

Nat Attack said...

That's the plan Boo. These are quick and easy enough not to be too overwhelming. And my life would be so very much better if you were blogging again.

Cheryl and William said...

That sounds fun- it will spice things up a little bit to break up all of the Japan posts that I have coming . . . .

Jody said...

Are you enjoying my random comments? I like the one owl thing. I didn't realize that was an option. I thought it was all or nothing. Speaking of owls, I saw this and immediately thought of you:

(Yes, I'm still on twitter, but sort of anonymously. If you're ever really bored you could try and find me as a challenge or something! Really really bored, right?)

Nat Attack said...

Sigh. Now I'm questioning the owl again.


And yes, the random comments are great.

Jody said...

Hey, at least it's not damask. Then I'd really be worried... ;)

The Carlson Family said...

I never comment, always read. Time to catch up. Love the owls. Love them. And love this idea. I may just have to use it myself.

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