Saturday, April 24, 2010

A break in your regularly scheduled programming

Clearly I'm several days behind. (Ack! Work is insane.) I'ma punch out the days I missed this weekend, but I wanted to fill you in on my three favorite parts of today.

#1 - Colleen and I standing in the gas station lot after work, having a fountain drink and playing scratch lotto. (It's easy not to get addicted when you never win.)

#2 - Feeling doubly white trash eating ice cream direct from the carton while watching RW/RR Challenge and enjoying every last minute.

#3 - Buying a plane ticket for Thanksgiving Adventure 2010. Because seeing the Panama Canal was the silent item on my Bucket List.

Annnnnd, a little birdie told me via phone that she hates the 30-day Challenge. Well missy; soon enough this whole crazy factor will be over and you'll never have to hear about me loving my parents again.


colleenita said...

Favorite part of my day, too!!! One day... we'll win two bucks on a scratch card. I can feel it. And it is gonna be GLORIOUS.

Alaina said...

Aaaa! It's Sunday! I need your posts for bedridden entertainment!!!

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