Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 14

I do very little reading that isn't easily digested fiction. I blame this on a stressful job and the unwinding I do when I don't have to focus much on literary themes or complicated theories. Ironically, I purchased the following book at Target, thinking it was a fiction novel.

A non-fiction book

I don't recommend "Flags of our Fathers" because it's one of the few non-fiction books I've read. I genuinely recommend it because it's a fascinating look at the fighting that happened in the Pacific during World War II. The book tells the story of the Battle of Iwo Jima, a nearly impenetrable island off the coast of Japan and the Americans charge to capture two air fields. Don't be fooled into thinking the book is all war tactics; true there's some of that, but it's fascinating.

My favorite part are the first few chapters that outline the difference between waging war in Europe as opposed to the East. Most GIs considered assignments to the War in the Pacific as a death warrant; the "rules of war" were still maintained in Europe, but the Japanese fought in ways unfathomable to American minds.

The book reads part history, part art of war, part biography. The book centers on the "photograph that turned the war" -- the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima; and chronicles the lives (both pre and post-war) of those who raised the flag.

Clint Eastwood turned the book into a movie a few years ago, and you know I don't love posting videos, but the trailer is a beautiful look at what the book is about. I honestly can't remember if I saw the movie because the book is just as expressive.

The book, though non-fiction, is an easy read. And it will make you feel smart! And then we can rent the movie and watch it together. Deal?

Are there non-fiction books you'd recommend? If you're an avid NF reader, why? Convince me to become one!


Kendall said...

You know, you post an awful lot of videos for not liking to. I mean, I loooove videos, but I'm starting to think maybe you like it just a little bit....

Cabra Forte said...

I read this book too. I thought it was interesting. It was crazy how different each one of those guys' lives turned out, and how the war bond tours really were hard on them.

I didn't even know there was a movie to it. + 1 Netflix queue....

Nat Attack said...

Oh Kendall -- you got me! I don't mind posting the videos, I just really assume no one will watch them (because I never do). Am I the only one who doesn't love streaming video? I feel a new poll coming on.

Matt--I'm glad you've read it. TOTALLY fascinating. Now that I think about it, pretty sure I have seen the movie. Ryan Phillipe is such a snore bore of a guy, he didn't portray Doc the way I wanted him to. Probably because his face doesn't move when he talks.

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