Monday, April 05, 2010

Day 04

I can promise right now, this book is going to get big. Bigger than it is already anyway. Especially on the heels of the young adult series hysteria--because those housemoms are going to need some other jailbait teenagers to lust after now that the Twi/HP actors are old enough to vote.

Your favorite book

I don’t know that I can technically call this my favorite book—because I’m not even done reading it. And actually, I’m not even reading it, I’m listening to it. But this is most definitely “my favorite book I’ve ever listened to while running on the treadmill for such long periods of time the machine shuts down and kicks you off and you have to start it up again.” But that title was too long to write on the 30-day blogging list I presume.

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins is A BOOK YOU SHOULD FIND AND READ. I’m practicing intense self discipline in only letting myself listen to the book when I’m on the treadmill—and the motivation to stay on the treadmill to hear more story is incredible.

I didn’t know a thing about this book when I started listening to it, except that every person I’d heard who’d read it loved it. In some ways, it’s kind of fun not having any idea what you’re getting into. So? To carry on that fun tradition, I’m not going to tell you what the book is about. (A quick search of the Google will fill you in on the details if you're so interested.) But I’m hoping this far into our relationship you trust my judgment and will do all you can to borrow, buy, or steal this book.

Get in before the craze gets too huge—the movie is coming out late next year and think how cool it’ll be to act all pretentious and patronizing when you’re standing in line for the midnight showing telling everyone you “knew about the books before they sold out and got all huge.” YOU WILL LOOK SO COOL.


Kristan said...

I'm glad to know I "look so cool!"

Nat Attack said...

Well that's not too hard, is it? Remember how we love ALL THE SAME THINGS? One of these days we'll live in the same place and be great friends as well.

Cabra Forte said...

Mimi and I both read this one and catching fire (the sequel) over spring break. I liked it a lot.

Its like the Twilight series, only without the whole "wanting to punch myself in the face repeatedly" thing.

moe said...

I don't buy books, but I bought this one and Catching Fire as soon as I read them through for the first time. In my mind what makes this book and its sequel so much more enjoyable than Twilight is that the lead character, who is also female, is a strong, independent, SMART girl. Bella just bugs on so many levels, and while I'm not overboard miss female-empowerment or anything, Katniss is just so much more compelling and interesting to me.

Can't WAIT for #3 in August.

Nat Attack said...

Moe -- you're absolutely right. I also think the world Collins paints is so much more vivid and believable than the Twilight books. (But everyone knows my disdain for Twimania.) Where Meyers had a good story but was a terrible writer, I feel Collins tackles both with ease.

Breona said...

It's been on my nightstand for quite some time now. I'll get there. Just like the other things that I'm waiting patiently to make a priority. I hear katniss is quite the personality. Other than that I also am planning on going into it with no detail.

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