Thursday, April 01, 2010

Day 01

Today is the first installment of a 30-day venture I've self-titled "Get to Know Your Neighbor" month. Already I'm overthinking the list, but this is who I am!

Your favorite song

I'ma spare you all from a country song, don't fret. I tried so hard to find a way to link this song without the video because I rarely click on videos and I project my web behaviors on everyone else. (All together now: "This is who I am!")

So this song--and I'm abiding by the rules and only choosing one--is an enigma to me. It's my most played song on my home iTunes. The enigma part comes from the fact that I love it in all situations. Something about this song provokes emotion despite my mood of the moment.

This song just makes me feel; I don't even know how to explain it. Very rarely am I beyond words, but I'm beside myself in figuring out how to explain the power this song holds over me. Yes, it's a break-up song. But for some reason, I listen to it on repeat even when there's no romantic drama in my life. Sara's voice is hauntingly painful, but there's still strength within her. Perhaps that's the lesson to take away and why I love this songs in good times or bad.

But like I said, I don't have the words to explain this song.

Does this song seem familiar to you but you're not sure why? Hollywood has picked up on the fabulousness of this song too. Places you've heard/seen it: "Addiction" dance on SYTYCD choreographed by Mia, Elena and Stefen finally give in on "Vampire Diaries", oh yeah and that juggernaut known as American Idol audition week.

This is the part where I'm pretentious and tell you I loved this song long before it got "popular." Because everyone loves that person. But anyway, my favorite.


kendall said...

This is one of the few songs I blast in the car when I'm by myself. It just has so much emotion, I love listening and singing and everything else about this song.

Nat Attack said...

When did we start being the same person Kenny?

Kristan said...

I love this song! And I've loved it on SYTYCD, TVD (which I also oh so love) and I feel like I found it from a Grey's years ago or something like that. So great. I think I'm going to have to listen to it on my drive home tonight!

Sidenote: I love finding new music on TV shows and movies! I know I love a scene when I stop and realize how much I also love the song and have to look it up!

Mimi said...

Just listened to that for the first time. Loved it! She's really good. I love that she uses the piano all by itself. Thanks for sharing.

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