Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 18

Gonna go with a mini brain dump just so I can get some stuff out of my brain. Deal? Hit it.

Whatever tickles your fancy

  • This 30-day challenge is seeming to stretch on forever. Day 18 might as well be Day 45. I'm enjoying the topics, but it's just so interesting to be tied down to something. Does this mean I have commitment issues?
  • We had Stake Conference this weekend, and both the adult evening session and today's Sunday meetings were fabulous. The talks were awesome and I learned to think about a few things in a totally new way. For instance:
  • The Boston Temple President spoke about the true desires of our heart. To figure out what were true desires, he outlined the following questions you must ask yourself:
  1. To whom or what are we willing to submit?
  2. What are we prepared to give up?
  3. How are we prepared to love?
  4. What are we prepared to concentrate our efforts on?
  5. Where are we going to focus our energies, talents and gifts?
  6. Are we willing to become self-disciplined?
  • It's been really interesting to attend Stake Conference here in Boston the last three years. The church out here just isn't very big and hasn't been here very long. (Remember how all those early Saints moved West?) It's really cool to hear some of the stories from the last 10-15 years about the growth and how miracles that came to pass in the building of the temple.
  • I ran 2 miles on Tuesday and limped out of the gym.
  • I ran 2.5 miles on Wednesday and limped out of the gym.
  • Too distressed and unmotivated to try again, I didn't go to the gym Thursday or Friday.
  • Saturday I committed myself to running 6 miles. They were slow and somewhat steady, and I didn't limp out of the gym. Fantastic news. So I'm back on the wagon. Less than three weeks til the big race.
  • In the last two days I've been places where food was in full supply. Why is eating just to eat so easy?
  • Tomorrow is Patriot's Day, aka: Marathon Monday here in Boston. Most of the City shuts down, but I'll be celebrating at work. The GOOD news is that most of my clients will be off, so it should be a quieter than usual Monday. The other good news is that I can drive my car and park at any meter. Since my bus doesn't run on a holiday and meters aren't minded... a proverbial get out of jail free card. Huzzah.
  • I've been setting personalized ring tones for contacts on my new phone. If you had to have one song ring whenever you called someone, what would it be?
  • I chose "The Price is Right" theme song as the default on my phone. It makes me happy whenever it rings.
  • We're down three Project Managers at work, so like last year, I'll spend my spring and into summer months busy at work. It's good to be employed but I wish we were busy in the winter and light in the summer. (But if wishes were fishes, yah?)
  • 75 pages left in that dumb CoMC book. I should just polish it off tonight, but there's always some other way to waste time. This is the first time I've ever drawn a book out this long; I just don't know that I can undertake something this huge again.
  • Long books and long runs and long blog challenges. HOly crap, maybe I am a commitmentphobe.


Breona said...

Does CoMC book stand for cormac mcarthy book? Just curious because Dave has read a few and the one right now is so detailed. Lost my mind and the title of the book? Nice job on all the challenges. Once accomplished you'll get that cloud walking feeling. Conquer the world? Haha

Breona said...

Sutree. The parts he's read to me are wack?

Nat Attack said...

Sorry Bre, it's the Count of Monte Cristo. I abbreviated in case people were so done with me talking about it.

Hope you had a grand time on your long week at the Oregon coast!

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