Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day 07

And so we enter the photo portion of this challenge. Aren't we excited.

Choosing just one for today's assignment hurts my heart. But I'm showing tenacity in keeping things simple. So you know, endure to the end and footprints in the sand, etc.

A photo that makes you happy

My first Thanksgiving on the East Coast, how lucky I was to host my entire family for the big event? Us Wms girls being who we are, we decided to take some photos and without plotting a color palette ended up with a genius spread. Special thanks to sisterly telepathy when packing and for Mother Nature's gift of a 55-degree day in late November. (And probably to the Pilgrims.)

A very large print of this photo hangs on the wall in my bedroom.
Oh you know, just laying here acting natural

Sorry you've already seen this photo a gazillion times, I just love it so much.

On a scale of one to duh times a thousand, what are the odds you would have bet that I'd post a picture of my sisters? TYPICAL.


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