Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 26

Oh my boring. Will try doing things in pictures instead of words.

Your week in great detail

Decided it was time to step outside and run since the Half is only 10 (!?!?) days from now. Ran along the Charles for a few miles.
Watched this cheese fest of a movie in prep for RH: Russell Crowe edition next month. Oh my feathered mullet.
Secured my position as an excellent Pub Trivia team member. Seriously. I know random crap or can deduce down to the right answer. Trivia is one of the reasons I love Boston.

So. Much. Basketball. Seriously, it's always on.
Entertained some old timey BYU friends. Same friends in 2005. 2010 version below.
Pretty much my most favorite favorite favorite part of Sundays:

And, during the day at work, my calendar looks like this for meetings alone. So, you know -- real work just has to slot around it. Blurred to protect my NDA contracts. OHMYGOSH IS APRIL OVER YET?!


Team Russi said...

I can sympathize with that calendar. I told my boss we need to make a "no meetings allowed" day so that everyone can get their real work done. I thought it was just wishful thinking but he agreed. The problem is no one can find the time. Constant meetings means "all orders, and nothing moving out of the kitchen". Those plates just stack up.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

kendall said...

Google Chat next Sunday!

Nat Attack said...

Whoa! interesting concept -- the thought of no meetings. Only trouble with that is when you're in the servicing industry (as I am)... meetings of discussion or presentation are how we make money. :)


Mallory Jan said...

I want to video chat too!

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