Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 20

I'll admit that today's post has given me writer's block. I'm the main character of this story and I feel that this blog is nothing but mostly dedicated to the things I love to do.

A hobby of yours

I'm not sure if my writings have broadcast this bit before, but I'm a bit of an organizer. One of the chief complaints people have historically had about the social scene in Boston is that no one ever does anything. Clearly, a broad, sweeping generalization--but there is definitely a difference here than other places I've lived as a young single adult. I guess I decided some time ago that if I wanted to do (or in turn, get invited to) social things, I'd have to be an organizer and get things rolling.

So, well, um. I organize social events. This is feeling kind of trite to write about (because don't we all do this?), but I've already written two paragraphs and I'm committed.

Here are the steps to setting up an event according to NatA!:
  1. Feel the deep stirrings within yourself to either host or plan or gather people.
  2. Decide upon an event that people a) inherently want to attend because it was on their list already or b) is quirky enough that piques attention.
  3. Research the event and get all the logistical ducks in a row.
  4. Send a well-crafted email with an interesting, funny, or to-the-point hook that's impossible to ignore inviting people to attend. Make sure the email isn't too long for the easily distracted. You want to make sure people don't abandon ship before your salutation. [Optional: Ask participants to weigh in on the when, where, etc. Warning: this creates more work for the organizer in back and forth communication and then those people usually don't attend.]
  5. Make definitive statements. People are sheep looking to be led. Give them options and they'll probably get confused and stay home surfing the same interwebs they surf every day, all day at work.
  6. Commit to yourself to have a great time no matter who does (or doesn't) attend. If you're concerned with attendance, commit a few people to the event before you send the email to make sure you don't end up with homemade salsa and guacamole watching the USA vs. Mexico World Cup qualifier alone.
Got that? It's really not so hard. With the six easy steps above you're well on your way to gathering folks to whatever you're organizing. Soon it too shall be a hobby of yours.

Putting practice into action, today was a prime example. Tickets for Iron Man 2 became available at the IMAX theater. Knowing I wanted to go (Mallory will be in town, bonus!) and would love to have other people attend as well, a general email was sent out. A "hey, isn't Iron Man awesome? It's already on your list of movies to see (2.a above) so why not see it opening weekend in giant, in your face action!" Include the theater, the time, the day, and the link to purchase tickets.

Eight of us girls also attended an amaaaaaaazing come-from-behind Red Sox victory game at Fenway tonight. That kind of event (the exchanging of money for reserved seats) is a bit more complicated to arrange, but with practice can be done by mere babies! Everyone was free to make their own dinner plans, but I simply told people where I'd be, at what time, and an invitation. Surprise, surprise -- most ladies showed and we had a delicious burger pre-game.

So dear readers, go forth and conquer. Be a friend to make a friend. Get back what you put out. Don't count the 'hood out.

The unspoken rule is also to have great snacks. Food goes a looooooong way. Remember what was done with simple rice krispy treats?

What are your go-to rules for planning? What did I miss from the list above?

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Mallory Jan said...

"but with practice can be done by mere babies"

Seriously the best part of the whole blog. I'm still laughing it was so great.

I can't wait to see Iron Man!

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