Friday, April 02, 2010

Day 02

I can't remember if I've said it before, but I'm not crazy about "favorites." Something about the word seems so final; and there's a favorite for every type of whatever x you're trying to describe. In short: I can't wait to get to Day 06.

Your favorite movie

Long before it was "The Land Before Time" sequel machine of the 00's, The Cutting Edge was a stand alone movie that I'm guessing 98% of readers have seen. I watched the trailer below (sorry again for the video!) and could hum right along to the soundtrack and was familiar with every scene, quote, and bad early-90's wardrobe choice. I haven't seen this movie in at least 10 years, but I'm surprised by how many quotes I use with some consistency--primarily "Don't quit your day job" and "Yes, Doug can read."

Two funny stories about this movie after the trailer:

1) This movie came out on VHS shortly before our family moved from Arizona to Dallas. The year was 1993 and Alaina and I were in advanced piano lessons--practicing an hour a day as a 5th grader. We'd rented the movie and were watching it on a school night while folding laundry. During a very, very crucial part in the movie (right at the dinner where homegirl tells Doug she can't skate with him in the Olympics[!!!]) Alaina and I somehow got ourselves into trouble. The movie was turned off, and I was sent to practice the piano. I cried the whole time BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE GOING TO GET BACK TOGETHER AND WIN THE GOLD MEDAL. I obviously wasn't old enough to understand those movies all end the same.

2) One of the continued back-and-forth snarkathons between our romantic leads has to do with the word "foreplay." I, being a fifth grader, did not know what this meant. Being the resourceful lass I was, tried to look it up in the dictionary but did not know how to spell it. Being the tenacious little lady that I was, I asked my Dad. Yes.

Does anyone else have any funny Cutting Edge stories to share? Has anyone seen the sequel? Or the III, the IV, the X? Does anyone dislike this movie?


Jody said...

Haha... Doesn't she use the word "orgasmic" at one point when describing the connection the American team has with each other? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I didn't know what that word meant back then. Luckily, I didn't ask my dad!

Cheryl and William said...

My favorite part is "Toe Pick!" :-) And I haven't seen any of the "equels"- how can you improve/variate a classic like that!

The Carlson Family said...

I am also a "Toe Pick!" fan. Ah, I need to go rent it again.

Kristan said...

This is so one of the Brooks sisters all-time favorite and most quoted movies! A classic. It just doesn't get old. I love it every time. And, yes, maybe I've seen most of the silly ABC Family sequels . . . well except the most recent :)

Stories. 1) My sister Caisa loves this movie so much when she picked the music for her gymnastics floor routine (probably in high school mind you) she picked their short-program song. It still makes me laugh. 2) I remember quoting it all the time, and one time we used the "It's almost . . . orgasmic" line and my mom yelled at us. Clearly we also had no idea what it meant :) 3) During the Winter Olympics, this is most definitely the most quoted movie!

I feel like I need to watch this this weekend now. I'm loving your month of blogging!

Nat Attack said...

OHhhhhhhh man. All of these comments crack me up.

If I could, I'd have all of you over to watch this movie together. I think it'd be hilarious. And awesome. Because that's what the movie is. And us too.

That's it, I need to go to Target to see if I can buy this.

Jan said...

We own The Cutting Edge. Look in the closet...

Kristan said...

How can you not own (or be aware of owning) your favorite movie?!?

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