Saturday, April 03, 2010

Day 03

Maybe committing to a large blogging project on the cusp of an out-of-town spurt wasn't the wisest of choices (greetings from Portland!), but luck-luck-lucky for me, I've written this post a handful of times already.

Your favorite television program

Friday Night Lights. I've been imploring you to watch the show since 2007. To be honest, I don't know that I can say much more that hasn't already been said. I know a show about football probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the show is about so much more than that. I watch this show for pretty much one thing alone, and that's the interplay between Coach Eric Taylor, his wife Tami, and how they're raising their family. When the actors playing the Taylors (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton whom I love) agreed to play the Taylors, they made the writers promise that an affair (or even possibility of one) would never be introduced to the show. There's something amazingly comforting in knowing the people you love will never be broken up for ratings.

I've made converts of quite a few of you and have enjoyed discussing it both on and offline. But here's what I tell any newbie getting ready to watch--you must commit to watching at least the first three episodes. The FNL pilot is like all other pilots--the characters overact to set their place in the show. Things get oh so good once you start to feel real attachment to the characters. And believe me, the attachment will come.

I've loved the show since the beginning, and if you'll remember, was selected to host a season 2 FNL gathering--and NBC sent me an overloaded box of goodies to compensate. Funny story about the night the goods game that's never been revealed. I was so, so excited about the box I just picked up from FedEx, that I was distracted while driving. I may have backed out of my parking space and into the building. Oh don't worry, only three people saw.

But CAN YOU BLAME ME? I am an FNL enthusiast and evangelist. Four seasons down, only one to go. Frowny emoticon.

I've got Season One discs. If you're interested, I'll put them in the mail.

Clear eyes, full hearts. Can't lose.


Jody said...

If I'm your 100,000th page load, you can send me season 1 in the package with the fabulous baked goods. :)

Kristan said...

I feel like I have to comment on this, but really there isn't anything left to say. Love FNL.

Nat Attack said...

Kristan -- I hear you! Not sure what more I can say, but I keep trying to say it anyway.

Jody -- sounds like a good plan!

Kendall said...

I'll offer up seasons 2 and 3 on DVD to any person who wants to watch them! I'd never heard about the promise of no affair, but that is sooooo wonderful. I love FNL!

Nat Attack said...

What the? I didn't know you have Seasons 2/3. I WANT TO BORROW THEM.

Nat Attack said...

Oh Kenny, and I have Season 4 all on computer files if you want them. But it starts on NBC next month.

ju said...

I was SO hoping that final bit about FedEx would come out. BEST TIME EVER.

Nat Attack said...

You know what's funny is I almost didn't post that story (again) because it's pretty embarassing and most of these blog readers DON'T KNOW WHAT A GOOD DRIVER I AM.

ju said...

I'll vouch, you're a great driver. Also, I once got in a fender bender because I was busy watching my boyfriend play tennis. I win on embarrassment.

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