Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 23

A few weeks before graduating from BYU, I somehow got roped into sledding down the double black diamond ski runs at Deer Valley in the middle of the night. In all borrowed clothes, I had nothing but moon boots from the 1980's to brake maneuver a very swiftly moving toboggan down an icy hill; under concrete tunnels and around tight curves. It should come as no surprise that I snapped one of the bones in the top of my right foot down the second run of the night--moon boots aren't meant to thwart 35 mph speed. A quick trip to the ER taught me my first $600 insurance-doesn't-cover-everything lesson, and I spent my last few weeks at BYU hobbling around.

That same night I was defying gravity up on the slopes, Krista thought it would be a good idea to have her scooter (the non-motorized kind) pulled behind a car. The first run boosted the confidence of both she and the driver. The second pull hit about the 35 mph speed before the little baby wheels of 2 inch diameter couldn't sustain the combination of the gravely road or Joe's drifty driving. Down she went, and with it a broken elbow and skid marks all over arms, legs, and face.

Two graduates. Two injuries. Two hospital trips. Same night. Imagine the surprising text swapping back and forth.

A few days later, she and I ventured out together for lunch. Me on crutches, her with a cast and sling; face all scraped up. I don't remember the specifics, but getting to our table was a fumbling of napkins and dropped crutches and falling chairs and a ridiculous chain of events that had every eye turned in sympathy to our plight. Surely we looked like we'd been through hell together. We'd actually just been dumb as hell.

A YouTube Video

This video was taken at the ward closing social and gets funnier on the third or fourth view. Please note that no non-graduates were harmed in the filming of this 8 second clip. Also? Krista never had better aim in her whole life.

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maWeesa said...

HAHAHA..... the thought of you in those moon boots cracks me up... that hill was pretty freaking scary...

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