Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 22

Some of you may know that my office has kitchens crammed with every kind of individually pre-packaged snack food you can imagine. Two years after being here, however, the days of combining lunch from pre-fab food is drawing to a close. A girl can only eat so many cheese crackers or pringles, rice krispy treats or smartfood popcorn, almonds or baked cheetos before you just start to crave real food.

A website

Today's post comes courtesy to you of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing board. An ode to the many shapes and forms of the grilled cheese sandwich:

The photography on this site is beautiful. Or maybe I'm just hungry.

Got a favorite? And now.... who will host a grilled cheese party and invite me?

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Alaina said...

Grilled cheese is perfect cooking for one. Mmmm. Just make mine with thick dill pickle slices.

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