Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Out of Luck - The Explanation

You're right. You can't claim to be unlucky without giving some examples. I'll try to keep the list to a relatively concise list so I don't feel the urge to throw the towel in. But you're free to send muffin baskets or singing telegrams in sympathy.

  • I returned home from Connecticut at midnight Monday night and none of the lights in my room worked. Unable to see, I found something to change into and crawled into bed. Last night, we searched for the breaker-boards in the house and were only able to locate two. Of course neither of them controlled my room. Another night spent in the dark.
  • My paychecks are always deposited on the 1st and 15th of the month. Two weeks ago, on the 15th, I made a big payment on my credit card (yay!). By some twist of fate, our paychecks were not actually posted until the 16th this go-round, and I then managed to use my debit card nine times; and in consequence of insufficient funds, bounced nine transactions at $20.00 a piece.
  • Saw Pirates at the midnight showing last Thursday night. Parked on the Common in a totally legit spot. Oh. but. wait. The City of Boston street-sweeps every other Thursday night. Who knew? Hello $40 ticket. (Pirates was a decent movie, but was it worth a $10 ticket and $40 parking? No.)
  • Yesterday, I noticed someone clipped my driver's side mirror.
  • I turned my lamp on at work today and the light promptly shorted out. Then, trying to unscrew it, the bottom broke off, basically rendering it useless unless I potato the thing out.
  • My skin is mirroring a 14-year-old boy's.
  • My middle toenails on both my feet inexplicably fell off this weekend.
  • Kylee and I saw Gus-Gus yesterday; he's not a mouse. I repeat, not a mouse. He is a CAT-sized raccoon! We saw him run out from under a bush munching on something. I'm taking a poll on new names: "Rocky," "Bandit," or "The Raccoon formerly known as Gus-Gus."
  • Let us not forget the chronicle of DVR debacles or the Black Plauge of Early May.
  • When I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I got slammed with a $115 parking ticket for a fire hydrant violation. Don't worry, I've learned my lesson.

The list could continue, but I'll rein it in. The good news is, I'm not down-trodden or past hope; I've just overwhelmed by this string of crapper-mcCrapper things happening! I have had several silver linings the last few days though--here's the quick run-down of those: sweet ace trip to CT for Memorial Day; smokin' cute new bathing suit from Target; I have a job that more than pays for all my bills and unlucky surprises; I can write, read, speak, and think fast enough to be really good at my job; I can chat online all day at work; it's Turkey Wednesday!; I have the most amazing family in the world who keep me laughing; I found $99 one-ways for my family from Boston to Portland (an unheard of feat during Thanksgiving weekend!); the weather is gorgeous and driving with the windows down is celestial; the song "I Need You" by Faith/Tim and the fact I'm going to their concert in just over a month; my weekend has nothing planned yet but I'm still wicked excited for it; I have the cutest niece in the world; my hair is still rockstar red; I can walk painfree; I love love love my car (even after three years); people read my blog; cinnamon toast crunch; country music; letting my hair air dry on the way to work; Kelly Clarkson's "Never Again"; So You Think You Can Dance!; my girls in Salt Lake; my friends at the D-Mark I still keep in contact with; hope; my boys in Utah who are moving to NYC; cliches; compliments; my Boston girls; my testimony; digital photos; when you just "click" with someone; I got a little color this weekend; cute heels; cute flats; style; Hot Tamales; Target hot dogs; reading blogs; text messages; clean sheets; cool rooms; sassy ponytails; chic glasses; bright colors; Portland; Phoenix; Salt Lake City; Broadway Musicals; when a friend knows what you're trying to say in three words or less; singalongs; cooking for others; eating! and on, and on, and on.

I guess if this is the most "unlucky" that I ever am, I should consider myself unquestionably blessed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In Memorium

WARNING: If a picture is worth a thousand words, this post might actually count as your summer reading.

So, last weekend was Memorial Day. And as awful, cheesy as this sounds, this was a trip to remember. I, and a few others, was invited to spend the weekend down at Brian's dad's house in Milford, Connecticut.

Friday afternoon we made the drive with the top down in B's sweet ride. My views to the left and right:

And out the top:We arrived and were happy Peggy and Linda escaped near death on the highway. We had a festive Mexican feast and sang show-tunes on the baby grand with Brian's dad Steve until 1 AM.
Here's a look at the main living areas of where we stayed:

The next day dawned warm and sunny--we were treated to a fabulous pancake breakfast overlooking the ocean:
After shopping with Brian's new stepmom Carrie in town while the boys readied the boat, we took it for a little spin on the river.
The girls on the boat:

Here's B-Town pulling Steve. It was all fun and games until the Water Cops kicked us off the river. Something about expired registration...
... after docking, loading, and picking up the new registration from the house, we were on the water again. We experienced a shady underbelly of a dock and the water gave Peggy giardia. Ask her about it.

This is the creepiest picture of all time:

After attending Sacrament Meeting in a 30-person YSA branch, where the 2nd speaker referred to Jesus as a "walking ball of charity," we had a Panini Party back at the house. Brian gets a bit confused:

Linda and I go on a little walk with Steve and Carrie along the coastline. Here's the view, and the happy couple. On our walk, we found (1) lobster buoy and (1) message in a bottle.

Day #4 dawned bright and early and we treated ourselves to some Memorial Day karaoke. Highlights included Linda's stirring renditions of "Breakaway" and "Downtown", Steve's "I'm a Believer" and Peggy's Bette Midler impersonation:

Peggy lets loose on "Close to You" while Brian and Linda relax while remembering the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Good heaven's though, the trip was infinitely better than I could ever post, write, or photo about here. I didn't even take that many photos! I missed both game nights (Pit, Connect 4 tournament, Cranium Pop Culture), our Arts & Crafts afternoon (shrinky-dinks), Sloppy Jose's, pizza dinner and Steve's "Cocacabana" story, laying out at the beach, watching movies, chit-chatting, laughing, piano-playing, slimy-diner-eating, 4-day, 3-night red-carpet-has-been-rolled-out vacation. It was awesome. I hope everyone else's Memorial Day weekend was as wonderful as mine!
So what's your favorite? Peggy doing Bette? Pervy Brian going for the kill on Peggy? Me trying to shake the New England paste? Brian forgetting the question 5 seconds after it was asked? Or are you just happy I'm back?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Out of Luck

Normally, I'm the world's luckiest person. As seen here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Those who have been jealous of my lucky streak will be happy to know it has ended. In fact, I've been rather unlucky of late. Oh the stories I could tell...

Sigh. Now I join the ranks with the rest of the world. It was a good run.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It Failed Me Again

Last night, after a rather interesting evening, I returned home to endulge in my healthy American Idol obsession. It was the finale results show ya'll! Two hours over bloated material with guests I don't give a rat's about.

I'll skip the commentary; because I had plenty. I will however, note that Kelly Clarkson's live performance of "Never Again," angry, break-up ballad we haven't seen since the likes of Fiona and Alanis was amazing. I've been pretty obsessed with that song for the last two weeks -- it was beyond thrilling to watch it live:

Carrie Underwood, my other previous AI obsession, is just so beautiful. I love her.

The minutes were counting down. I was eagerly awaiting the results. I've watched every finale (save the first when I was unaware of the undeniable pull AI has) and couldn't wait to see Jordin's excitement as she was (unshockingly) announced the winner.

Oh. but. wait.

Stupid finale ran over, my DVR didn't tape it, and I didn't get any of the last six (and most important) minutes. I called my three AI buddies in Utah, no one answered. I imagined Jordin had won (thanks to a premature text from Melissa that I didn't read but had to preview when I checked who it was from) but wasn't for certain. I'd had an enough of the night both pre and post AI that I went to bed.

If you're like me; and DVR ruined your AI night, you can do what I did and watch the finale some loving soul kindly posted on YouTube. I will post it here in case you missed it:

Good for Jordin. I'm happy. My AI pick-the-winner standings are 2-3. (But Carrie and Jordin are all who matter anyway. And Kelly wasn't included in the rankings.) Until next January... but NOW on to the main event... So You Think You Can Dance!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sell Out

Last weekend, Jamar came down to visit for the express purpose of attending history's most craptastic teeny-bop concert. Whenever anyone comes to visit, it rains. Without fail this has been my experience. I shouldn't have been surprised at all that the third weekend in May was 45 degrees and pouring down rain. And we had lawn seats.

Funnier however than the rain, and the musical acts, were the patrons attending the event. It was a Disneyland Carnival of lights and sounds, high school athletic apparel, and kids getting dropped off by their parents. We were, without a doubt, the oldest people in attendance (besides the moms chaperoning their non-driving age kids). Check out this action:

The day looks much brighter than it was. It was dark, gloomy, raining, and see-your-breath cold. We were sitting on an emergency foil blanket. Trying to keep the water from running down the hill and into the waistband of our already-soaked jeans. It was awesome. (As it my Discotastic eye makeup from the night before.)
And when I say it was awful and pouring rain. I mean it. Check it out--don't you wish you could join us?

After 3.5 hours, we'd had enough. We didn't even get to see Hil Duff, Fergie, Daughtry, or special guest Akon. Like totally no way. There's always next year.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feelin' the Spark

Last year, I was rooting for Kat. This year, it's all about the Sparkle that is Jordin.

It will most definitely be a battle to the finish tonight. I think for the first time in Idol history I don't love one and hate the other of the finalists. I'd be satisfied if Blake won, I just want my girl to bring it home! (I've been a Jordin fan since the semis.)

You can guess where I'll be tonight and what I'll be doing!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Must Be A Monday

I'm wearing my shirt backward and I just realized it.

To my credit, it's a short-sleeved cotton turtleneck so it's literally the same both ways.
Not to my credit, it's a maternity shirt.

To my credit, this maternity shirt is super cute and is fashioned the same as non-maternity shirts.
Not to my credit, it's shapeless enough that I can wear it nearly all day and not even notice it's on backward.

To my credit, the shirt was on the clearance rack at Target for $4.50. A steal of a deal.
Not to my credit, it's a maternity shirt.

List Me This - NatA! Edition

As seen before, I've decided to make a list. And what better to comment on then what I know the most about--me. Snore bore, I know.

(If you left me this rude anonymous comment, please skip reading this post as I will only aggravate you further.)

Things anyone who knows me well knows:
1. Skittles and Diet Cherry Coke
2. I can outdrink an entire table in one restaurant sitting.
3. When I have to go, I have to go. (This should be no surprise given #2)

Stories I tell the same every time
1. When I was three and the ducks tried to peck my eyes out
2. When I almost died in a white squall the summer I was a camp counselor in Maine
3. When I saw a rat above my head at the entrance to Nutty Putty Caves and Nate the baby wouldn’t come down

Hidden talents
1. Knee driving
2. Tetris playing
3. Piano plunking

Did You Know?
1. I played in a swing band for three years in High School with my best friends—we were quite a hit at the retirement center dances and surprisingly made quite a bit of money.
2. I volunteered for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake and drove around a brand new 15-passenger van. Less than 10 minutes after picking up the van I scraped the luggage racks and entire top of the van trying to enter my G-parents downtown condo’s garage. Took a few chunks from the garage door as well; they’re still missing.
3. I cracked both my skull and chin open by falling down and jumping off a diving board into cool-decking respectively.

Guilty Pleasures I’ll NEVER grow tired of
1. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
2. High School Musical
3. Pop Music

Greatest rational fears because they’re recurring problems
1. Overflowing toilets (especially at the D-Mark)
2. Foot in mouth syndrome
3. Breaking iPods

Very strange things I do that have absolutley no purpose or reason
1. After filling up my cup with ice, I always dump out the top few pieces. Without fail.
2. Tap my fingers on the 1990's model home-ish painting hanging in the hall on the way to the bathroom at work.
3. Choose to watch (of all things) Regis and Kelly while I'm getting ready for work.

Things I taught myself to do
1. Wiggle my ears
2. French braid
3. Homemade mint brownies

Secrets I uncovered but gladly share
1. Veronica Mars
2. The Junk Store (NPS in SLC)
3. Candice, the Supercuts Celebrity

I’m the worst
1. Self photographer
2. Quiet singer
3. Flirter

What I like to do most for other people
1. Shop
2. Cook
3. Hair

I can:
1. Do anything on the internet
2. Talk about any current movie or TV show
3. Only bake six things
4. Keep listing boring stuff about myself forever and ever….

Stayin' Alive Again

I love theme events. I'm actually a little obsessed with them. In my opinion, it's "go big or go home." When I commit to going and dressing up, I love to do it right.

Last Friday night was a regional 60's and 70's dance. Some of you may remember the last time I did disco--back when I was a blonde. This time we did it up red-style.
I was ecstatic for several reasons at the dance. A) Nearly all my besties were there (or on a hot date that earned an excused absence) and B) Nearly all my besties dressed up.

The three who kept the dancing (a little too?) wild. I love love love dancing with people who don't care what the people around them think. I can't really think about how it could have been more perfect.

Oh wait. I thought of one. Boston has reverted itself to 45 degrees and pouring down rain. My Farrah-flipped bangs didn't survive the weather.

Maybe next year.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Today my 4-month anniversary of living in Boston. my sister Mallory's 16th birthday. the DISCO dance I'm oh so looking forward to. another rainy day. Big shock. me, rolled out of bed and at work looking oh so delightful. the day Jamar is finally coming to Boston. the 7th anniversary of graduation from High School. going to be a great day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Holy Hospice

I was told in a very loving way the other night that I glaze over my job (and how important I am of course) when people ask what I do.

This is true. I figure no one really cares, so I have a canned statement I use whenever anyone asks what I do. You may have heard me say it.
Someone else: "So Natalie, what do you do?"
Me: "I'm a project manager at a web development agency in Newton.

End of story. (I think this covers all the bases, but apparently it's a closed-book answer that doesn't engage the listener. Right Ky?)

Today, I show you a little more about what I do:

There she is. A lady about to die.

Well, technically she's the new model for the Hospice section of one of our new clients whose site we're building. Frantically. As we're behind deadline (again). The internet is a fancy thing you know--even Home Healthcare providers have websites these days. What will they think of next?

What else do I do at work? I field emails. Let me explain (since I so rarely talk about what I do) very briefly my email inbox methodology.

You know that hit song "Bills Bills Bills" by Destiny's Child? Maybe the Houston-trio should write a song for me entitled "Email Email Email." But here's the thing... all the emails I get are action-oriented; they're not sweet FYI's, they're "do something with me now--call, code, design, arrange, set-up, check-in, schedule, produce, whine, placate, etc." I'm a professional email wrangler.

How do I do it? I read faster than I talk, and I talk faster than I type. (This is like a GRE question; arrange the greater than, less than. Or is it 7th grade? I'm not sure. Either way, I think the answer is: read > talk > type. Right? Great. Now I'm self-concious that I'm dumber than a grad student or a 7th grader. Or somewhere in between. Grad student > Nat > 7th grader.)

This isn't very short (as promised earlier) is it? Bust. Tightening the reins...

I read, decide the importance and act immediately. Once an email is taken care of it gets moved from my inbox and into it's appropriately labled client-folder. This ensures organization as well. (This is why they they pay me the big bucks. I can sort well.) You'll see from my above graphic that I haven't done much with my 1-2pm emails. And since I took that screenshot there are nine more emails that need attention.

Back at it!

Baby > me > Hospice Hottie

In the Meantime

While I think of something to blog--enjoy this hot 80's shout-out to summer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

After My Own Heart

Thanks to Anonymous (care to reveal yourself?) for passing along this gem:

Texas Man Charged With Stealing $250G Worth of Skittles Candy
Monday, May 14, 2007
Associated Press

DALLAS — A little candy can add up to a rainbow of trouble.
A man caught removing tires from a truck that was supposed to contain 28 pallets of Skittles has been charged with stealing $250,000 worth of the candy, police said.

Seven pallets are missing, authorities said. Alan Chavez, 22, has been charged with first-degree felony theft. It was unclear Monday whether he had a lawyer.
Chavez said he had paid someone else $500 for the truck's rims and tires, police said. The truck has an estimated value of $85,000, and the trailer's value is $30,000.

Ahhhh! I want to be in a rainbow of trouble! Seven pallets? I think that was about my 2006 consumption.

I think I may be in love.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Comic Book Red

This should have been me this weekend ---->

Congratulations to all the Sweet Feet runners who finished the half-marathon! (Special thanks to Lauren for the photo I swiped from her site.) I wore my shirt last night in celebration of your achievements. Maybe next year I'll join you.

My other option for the weekend was camping Friday night (same location, the gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee) with a really super group of people. I also had to pass on that; to stay home and rest--and give my immune system a chance to recover. (Best well wish I received via email came from my sister Kendall - "FEEL BETTER NATALIE'S IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!!!!!")

Long story short; I didn't get to do either of the things I really wanted to this weekend. Instead, I'll explain in photos what I did instead:

Enter the fabulous and talented color-mixer extraordinaire Rachel into my life:

Emerge as Nat 2.0
Yes, it was a conscious decision. Yes, it is fun. Yes, I modeled it after Mary Jane Watson in Spidey. I'm enjoying it. It seems that others are enjoying it too--I've received many a compliment on it.

And other then the hair, I surprisingly had a really excellent weekend. A really good one.

And thanks for all the well-wishers, I am feeling much better. I appreciate your love and concern. Come visit me and we'll play.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday FreakOut

  • I've checked the iTunes Store at least 15 times today to see if they’ve uploaded last night’s Office episode yet. I watched the first 20 minutes before my DVR stopped recording. Arrrgh. I NEED to see the end of Beach Day!
  • As if being prescribed prescription nasal spray weren’t geeky enough, I am officially allergic to prescription nasal spray. Give me asthma and call me Captain GeekSquad.
  • My blood claims my liver and thyroid are functioning just fine and I do not have mono. The best explanation the doctor can give is a nasty viral infection.
  • Said nasty viral infection is keeping me from doing everything I want to this weekend in what was arguably going to be the greatest weekend of the early Summer—camping and the half marathon.
  • I still hate running; but I’d trade it all to be running in the half tomorrow. I was so excited to be a part of something—61 people from the wards are signed up to run. Only 60 will actually race. (Good luck to any Team Sweetfeet readers!)
  • Since I can’t do what I want to this weekend, Summer Hair Revolution 2007 kicks off tomorrow at 2 pm.
  • Somehow, I found myself helping feed the other ward’s missionaries and a guy being baptized at my house last night. I was the only female in attendance and I felt like a true “mom” keeping the conversation going and drawing people into talking. B and I kind of put on a show—but it was pretty entertaining; we were both on. One of the Elders going home next month said the dinner was the “funniest he’d been to” since he’d been out. I was a little sad his mission wasn’t very funny. I was also told I was the funniest girl in Boston. Hip hip.
  • The 7-11’s Big Gulp machines are STILL broken. I’m drinking from a 2-liter AGAIN.
  • Friday Night Lights got picked up for a full 22-episode season next year. WHOOP!
  • We have a new roommate who is .65 of Kylee who is .81 of me. Mathematically, this makes her an elf.
  • I wish I wish I wish I wish I were going to New Hampshire tomorrow to run. Or watch. Or camp.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Lesson

Yes, it takes faith to be healed; but I've learned that it takes more faith to not be healed and keep on keepin' on.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

and on the seventh day...

You know you're loved when friends bring you a cherry-coke Slurpee and two bags of Skittles. And Skittles and Julie don't ever mix.

Thanks for the food, comfort and companionship ladies! Would that we were hanging out in the middle of the day for something more fun! And thanks for putting up with me in my unshowered, pajama wearing, post-itching state. It was the highlight of my day.

Update for everyone else: last night I got hives. HIVES! The strange symptoms continue... The boils of Job come next!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Recap

My computer is still on the quasi-fritz. I haven't been able to upload photos in quite awhile--but finagled a way at work this morn. I'm sure you've been wondering what I've been up to. Here's the random going-ons of the last few weeks.

Colleen and I acted as stage crew for the LP2 Ward Talent Show. The only stressful moment was when I had to slide that blue Igloo across half the gym right into Mary's hands. I give myself an 8.5 for accuracy. (That boy in the background's name is John Hopkins. Yes, it's okay to giggle.)

These two lovely ladies were the hosts of the Talent Show and were freakin' amazing. You need to see these two in action to believe it. It's no wonder they both have backgrounds in theater/music! Peggy and Mary -- check them out.

Being the coordinated jewel that I am, I slipped off our concrete front step, smashed the back of my heel into the stair and gave myself a blood blister the literal size of three dimes. Home surgery was performed. (image is small to preserve the general feeling of all being right in the world prior to viewing this semi-disturbing photo)

<----There I am trying to look shocked at the size of the blister. I have since realized I have exactly three smiles in photos--open mouthed, down-turned smile, skeletal grimace. But I digress.

I spent two glorious nights with these ladies watching the PBS documentary "The Mormons." We ate M&M's, Diet Coke, cheeseball, and cereal; broke the risers on my bed; had enlightening conversation; and managed not to die of pink/orange overdose. A miracle!

Went to NYC. You may have seen the more comprehensive set of pictures here and here. Won tickets to see A Chorus Line--sat literally on the front row. Our eyes were level with the dancers' feet. It was awesome to be so close. Not sure how much Jam loved the show; but it's nice to be with friends anyway.
Ate at Junior's before the show and was served this very random assortment of pre-lunch treats. Yuuuuuu-(m)ick.
Another delightful treat was the celery flavored soda we tried. Yeeks.

I had to cut my mouth out of this photo as I was channeling Smile #3 (see Skeletal Grimace).

It's been a fun few weeks.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Forever Young

These are my grandparents:
Aren't they great? Two of my favorite people in the world they are. When I lived in Salt Lake, I spent many Sunday evenings with them shooting the breeze. Now I have to make due with phone-call updates every now and then.
Everyone loves their Grandma--but my Gram is really pretty fantastic. She started keeping a Costco box of Skittles at the house because she knew how much I loved them. Also in her fridge was a bottle of Fat-Free Thousand Islands salad dressing--for yours truly. But the biggest surprise was when I was in SLC for Conference and she had a bottle of grenadine (cherry syrup for you novices) for me to make a Diet Cherry Coke. True LOVE people!

I also love how much my Gram remembers about my friends. She's always asking about Jamar, Alicia, Krista, or the "M"s' in NYC. She has a pretty awesome memory.

(Dare I tell you that she's also the giver of the G.F.P?)

My Grandpa says some pretty funny (unpublishable) things. Ask me about it sometime--but he also expounds great wisdom and advice.

Mostly though, G&G are a testament to the fact that you're only as old as you ACT. Their combined health isn't the best--but they never complain; in fact, they're always looking for ways to serve other people. They're bright and cheery and are able to laugh at themselves at all costs. They've also taken us on some pretty awesome trips--the Disney Cruise, Mexico City, Nauvoo, NYC, Rocky Point, Kino Bay, San Francisco, etc. etc. Their generosity is unbelievable.

I could literally go on and on about how great they are--some of you know because you've met them/spent time with them or are related to them! All who do know them are impressed and pleased to know such wonderful people.


If you're a praying person (and if you're not, you should be--prayer rocks!) would you mind please including me in yours? Illness continues its grasp on my body and seems to be morphing into a long-term laundry list of symptoms. My race is on Saturday and as much as I joke about not wanting to run... I would really like to race. I appreciate your kind thoughts!


Friday, May 04, 2007

knocking on heaven's door


Using sick days to actually be sick literally kills me. I'd rather be sick on the weekend.

I've been flat on my back for two days now. Thank heavens I can sleep though--and sleep I have. And I've watched some semi-trashy TV. Please bless I get my strength back before the half-marathon a week from tomorrow! Yikes.

Enjoy your health!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Doing My Research

I work as a project manager at a marketing agency specializing in web development. The other half of our business is Search Engine Marketing/Optimization. For those of you who don’t know, there’s a literal science to Google/Yahoo and the algorithms used in procuring placement in the listings. Most companies choose a set of keywords and pay Google/Yahoo/MSN on a per-click basis. The other side of SEM/SEO is organic search. Google actively spiders and indexes all the pages on the web so when a user goes to Google and enters a keyword, Google returns the most recently updated pages with the closest match to that specific keyword. (That part isn’t rocket science.) The true science is the behind-the-scenes work done to increase the weight an individual page holds in comparison to the rest of similar pages. This is done by tagging specific key words for your site. Not only can you give your entire site default key words and description text, you can give individual blogs META tags and descriptions.

For example, go to Google. Type in “nat attack.” What is returned to you is a strategic SEO move. (And the description text is excitingly bland enough to trick new readers into checking it out!) I’m the first return of 873,000 pages Google has indexed that reference “nat attack” in some place or another. There’s HUGE money to be made in SEM/SEO, but my knowledge mostly stops there. I play in the web dev side. Nonetheless…

6.3% of all my blog traffic comes from Google search. The majority of the keywords used are “natattack”, “natattackisthetnewblog”, “nat attack blog”, or some variation of those words. The people using those words most likely know what they’re looking for—I think they’re trying to get to this site. Reason would indicate they are, right? My fascination comes from the OTHER keywords people search—for the random combinations users string together, and the ability to see the patterns that begin to emerge. It’s like having the ability to look into people’s hearts and minds. It’s a strange power. It ALSO gives me a clue in to what people are interested in but no one else is blogging about—and they’re routed to my page since I AM the only (or most recent) one blogging about it.

So without further adieu, here’s a portion of the list:

  • Sweaty back, Bringing sweaty back
  • abc extreme makeover home, policewoman wheelchair
  • shortie definition, shortie like mine meaning of shortie
  • relationship between mike d and screech and neil diamond
  • mcdroopy, mc-droopy
  • hobbitville salt lake city, hobbitville salt lake how to get to, little people hobbitville, salt lake hobbitville image
  • Ponyboy, ponyboy movie, stay gold ponyboy stay gold, how is ponyboy gold
  • "yawning bunnies", yawning bunny
  • zoltar banner
  • 1940’s prom
  • joey gladstone woodchuck
  • how tall is heidi from the hills?, heidi's coworkers names, heidi's co workers at bolthouse
  • "american idol lookalikes"
  • Seekingarrangement, find sugar mommy long island
  • when did barbie fountain pool come out
  • “check out* bangs" 80s
  • heart palpatation after eating
  • abercrombie and fitch white trash
  • zipperless girls jeans
  • lyrics "saturday is a special day" lds children song
  • ryan gosling and rachel mcadams march with immigrants
  • sarah jessica parker gucci fanny pack (ha! I'm not the only one!!!)
  • bachelor officer and gentleman accident, abc's the bachelor officer and gentleman what car he drives
  • "young lawyer" "hate my job" blog
  • "babysitter's club" tv episode download, babysitters club musical stoneybrook
  • elliot reed look-alikes
    ....... and on and on and on.
On second viewing of this word list, it’s become readily apparent to me (maybe not to you) that I have a blog that’s all over the place. Calling people "nuts" is one of my favorite phrases. I just realized for the 814th time that I'm perhaps the biggest nut of all. A whole bowl of party nuts. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Great Start!!!

You can tell the day's gonna be rough when you drive out of your way to a 7-11 for a Diet Cola-ed Big Gulp and the entire machine is broken.

Good MOrning Sunshine.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Near Meltdown

I promised myself that if my computer would turn on one more time (just once!) and I could back-up all my data I'd be happy. It could die in peace after that. I'd be happy to let it go. I needed to get on just once more.

Now that my stuff is backed up, is it wrong to wish for it to live? Or am I just being greedy?

I mean, I'm the photographer/documenter of ya'lls lives. Had my computer died, a piece of your history would have died. (Alright, I'll confess--it's mostly my history, but I could supply a photo of anyone who comments this blog. Go ahead, test me.)

In the spirit of history; check out these pictures that now live because my computer was resurrected. (And it only cost me a measly box of Honey Nut Cheerios in payoff to Cheryl's techie fiancee who fixed it!)

Canoeing near Bear Lake last summer

When I caught a 95-mph foul ball with the back of my thigh

Workin' the 2002 Winter Olympics

Freshman tennis A Cancunian romance
Your stereotypical 19/21 year-old BYU group of friends

I know this was a truly random assortment of photos. THat's the beauty of having so many! And now that my computer breathes again I have access to all of them!

A miracle.

And I'll reissue the challenge; I'll wager a dedicated-blog to anyone I don't have a photo (or can easily find one) of who comments this post.

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